Product GTM Launch Plan/Checklist at Maxsold

This GTM plan documents product launch planning and incorporates tech and business team responsibilities.

Ishaan Suri
Director of Product Management @ MaxSold

Product GTM Launch Checklist/Plan

Document Details

To prepare for a smooth launch making sure all the identified gaps are filled and the relevant teams are prepped for the launch of the new feature release/update

Release Goal

Plan for the Facebook SSO removal from the current Auction web, Mobile app product and transition all the users to the central login system.

Key Preparation Details

a. Moving a removal of the FB login option to May 8th

b. Send a follow-up email by Friday, April 28th with a new date for the launch

c. Schedule a follow-up call for those "top 35 users" for early next week

d. Monday, May 1st send internal comms to operation teams about the removal

e. Monday, May 1st add a FB user registration guide to the FAQ

f. Friday, May 5th have a banner ready in the UAT environment that will go out with the removal release

g. Monday, May 8th release the change that will include the removal of the FB SSO login option and a banner with information for the users.

i. Attention Users: Effective May 1st, we have removed the option to login with your Facebook account. For more information and guide on how to access your account, please refer to our FAQ section.

Launch Checklist

Product Tasks

Product Tasks

Technology Tasks

Technology Tasks

Business Tasks

Business Tasks

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