How to Track Hubspot Meetings in GA4 with Google Tag Manager

Jayakumar Muthusamy
November 21, 2023
How to Track Hubspot Meetings in GA4 with Google Tag Manager


Want to know how to effortlessly keep track of your HubSpot meeting bookings on your website? We’ve got your back! With Google Tag Manager (GTM) you can effortlessly track HubSpot meetings in Google Analytics (GA4). Don’t worry, NO, you need not be a techie to do this! 

As a marketing professional, this is an important key to keep track of lead generation from the website. It provides valuable insights to make driven decisions, enables personalized communication which increases the likelihood of converting leads and helps identify potential leads who are truly interested in your products/services. On the whole, this way, you can increase the overall success of your marketing efforts.

So, now, Read this guide, as we walk you through each step of how to track HubSpot meetings in GA4 with GTM. Experience simplified, seamless and efficient tracking. 

Prerequisites to keep track of the booked HubSpot meetings

1. GA4 Edit Access: 

  • To implement Hubspot meeting booking tracking, the first prerequisite is to have Edit Access to your Google Analytics account associated with the respective website. 
  • This access will allow you to integrate GTM with your GA4 account that simplifies tracking and analyzing user interactions related to HubSpot meeting bookings on your website 

2. GTM Publish Access: 

  • Ensure that you have GTM publish access, to implement GTM configurations and track changes live on your live website.
  • Make sure that ‘Clicks and Forms’ variables in GTM are enabled. These variables track user interactions when a user clicks on the ‘book meeting’ buttons and form submissions related to HubSpot meetings. 
  • In GTM, go to ‘variables’
  • In Built-in-variables select Configure
  • Select all the boxes under Clicks  
  • Select all the boxes under Forms

3. HubSpot Meeting Widget embedded

  • Ensure the HubSpot Meeting Widget is embedded on the same website you want to track using GTM. This simplifies the tracking because meeting booking interactions happen within the same domain.
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Easy Steps to Track HubSpot Meeting in GA4 with GTM

Step 1: Create a new tag in Google Tag Manager

  1. Go to Google Tag Manager and select Tags and create a new Tag. 
  1. Under Tag configuration select Custom HTML
  1. Paste the below given code
  1. Now, set this trigger to fire on All Pages and Save it.
  1. Every time when the tag is triggered, it sends an event name ‘hubspot-meeting-booked’

Step 2: Create a Custom Event Trigger

  1. In the Google Tag Manager, select Trigger
  1. Under Trigger click on New Trigger 
  1. Select the trigger type as Custom Event
  1. Type the Event Name : hubspot-meeting-booked
  1. Enable Trigger fires on All Custom Events
  1. Save this newly created trigger in the Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  1. Preview your changes in the GTM and publish both the tag and trigger for the ‘hubspot-meeting-booked’ event to activate tracking on your live website.

Step 3: Create a Google Analytics (GA4) Event Tag

  1. In the Google Tag Manager, select Tags — New Tag
  1. Select Google Analytics: GA4 Event
  1. Name the tag: Hubspot Booked
  1. Create a name for the event: Meeting_booked
  1. Under Trigger, choose the trigger we created in Step 2: Hubspot-meeting-booked
  1. Save and Submit all the changes.

Step 4: Testing Real-time Form Submissions in GA4 

  1. In Google Analytics, Click on Reports — Real Time
  1. Now go to your website and fill out the HubSpot Form. 
  1. Go to GA4 — Real-time — Conversions by Event Name.
  1. Check if your form submission is recorded in real-time under Conversions by event name. 

Step 5: View the event in GA4 and mark it as conversion 

  1. Ensure the tags in GTM are firing correctly. 
  1. Check Google Analytics in the real time view to confirm the event is recorded.
  1. Once the event appears in Google Analytics, you can toggle the event as a conversion in the admin panel.
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You’ve Got it! 

This integration of GTM in GA4 to track HubSpot meetings helps gain valuable insights into the website’s performance. As a marketing professional, through these simple steps, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing efforts regarding meeting booking and user experience! 

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Jayakumar Muthusamy
Jayakumar Muthusamy
Head of Content and Analytics at TripleDart Digital

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