Our Mission
Imagine you had your ideal customers and the kind of marketing momentum that energizes your entire company from Day 1.
Imagine you had full-stack marketing competence without the cost of in-house hiring.

Imagine your team had no reason to dread the end-of-month growth retrospectives.

Our mission is to help all B2B SaaS companies get there.

A people-first agency that gets results.

What’s TripleDart’s Secret to Success?
What’s TripleDart’s secret to success?The answer is simple – it’s our people. We hire talented, growth-minded marketers and foster a culture and environment where they can thrive. At work and in life.

We enjoy learning together, growing together, and winning together. At TripleDart, we take great pride in helping our clients win in competitive B2B markets, reshape categories, and achieve their growth ambitions.
Clients spread across 12 Countries
Employees spread across 3 countries
Verticals expertise in SaaS/B2B

Meet your Extended Team

We’re a roll-up-our-sleeves, hone-your-marketing-process, build-your-KPIs, mature-your-brand, recruit-your-team type of Growth firm.

We’re multi-channel demand gen experts. We’re SEO magicians. We’re hyper-growth SaaS strategists. We’re writers, creators, and designers. We’re the marketers you wish you had on your team.
Our Founding Team

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

With over 10 years of scaling and operating successful SaaS startups, our team has traveled the road you’re on.
Shiyam is a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant. He has helped 15+ VC backed and bootstrapped companies like Hotjar, Stream, CXL, etc., to build their performance marketing engine. Shiyam has been able to add his personal touch to every client that joins TripleDart Digital's portfolio by maintaining a pulse on client competition and aiding his team in the art of developing no-brainer strategies.

Shiyam Sundar

Co-founder & Managing Director
Performance Marketing GTM
Creative Direction
Customer Generation
JK is a dynamic marketing engineer who has cultivated a distinct crush for data. He loves to play around the marketing engine of our clients and integrate it to achieve impeccable results. We refer to him as the pioneer of SEO & MarkOps projects as he has scaled 10+ marketing-driven SaaS organizations in this genre.

JayaKumar (JK)

Head of SEO & Operations
Marketing Automation & Analytics
Sales Alignment
Sabari is our PPC Ninja who is always keen to explore unlocked strategies, execute them and derive better results. As the Head of Paid Marketing at TripleDart, Sabari’s focus predominantly revolves around strategizing, managing, and scaling the paid channels of our clients.

Sabarinathan (Sab)

Head of Paid Media
Paid Search
Paid Social
Media Buys
Manoj is an All Things Inbound Marketing personnel. He is a connoisseur at creating product-led marketing strategies that are equipped to approach both organic and paid channels. We’d gallantly vouch that he is a master at leveraging the best of both these worlds!


Managing Partner,
Director of Strategy
Digital Marketing GTM
Content Marketing
Branding & Positioning
Our Values

Our values guide our actions

If You Know What We’re Made Of, You’ll Know What We’re Capable Of
We hire, train, execute, and celebrate through the lens of our values.
A proactive culture can lead to increased innovation and efficiency. We trust you to take initiative and do what is in the company's best interest.
Be ambitious about the speed, quality, and excellence of whatever you're doing.
Being dependable and keeping commitments to employees, clients, and other stakeholders
We’re transparent.Our clients see everything; Our entire team knows everything about our agency.
You Matter
You are our product. We’re obsessed with your feedback; you drive our progress as we drive your growth.
We are Hiring!

Join Our Dynamic Team and Help Companies Scale their Business

We’re always on the lookout for passionate performance marketers, SEO analysts, content strategists, copywriters, designers or web developers.
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