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Operations should be invisible, effortlessly supporting your journey without stealing the spotlight. RevOps is a transformative service to manage your marketing & sales stack so you can focus on product innovation and growth.

Drive your business forward without the weight of managing ops

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Knowledgable & Reliable GTM partners for early-stage products

The engagements with the Tripledart team feel like working with an extended team. They could smoothly plug into our existing team's structure and quickly fill gaps in our team.

Narayan Vyas
 BU Head

Highly recommend TripleDart for their expertise.

We had urgent needs for integrating our CRM, GA4, GTM, CMS, and marketing analytics tools, along with a time-sensitive, geo-based GDPR implementation. TripleDart quickly understood our complex requirements and delivered on time, which was crucial for legal compliance. Their professionalism and methodical approach were impressive throughout the project.

Praveen Rajaretnam
Head of marketing

There’s a lot that is needed to achieve marketing and sales interlock.

A perfect blend of tools, integrations, multi-app workflows and automation.
Website tracking software
Marketing Automation Tools
Analytics and Reporting Tools
Customer Data Platform
Email Marketing Software
Data enrichment tools
Content Management Software
PLG tools
Sales Enablement Tools
Sales Proposal tools
Conversational Intelligence Tools
Lead Generation Tools
Sales Engagement Tools
Sales Training and Coaching Tools
Sales Dialer Software

RevOps Services for companies at every stage of their growth journey

Revops Accelerator: Building only what
you need, from scratch

TripleDart will help you research, build and manage your core tech stack to kickstart your growth journey


Our experienced team conducts in-depth market research based on your product, organisational needs and holistic vision, to identify the right core tools for you like CRM, CMS, marketing automation, ad platforms etc.


We will handle the technical setup of these applications, create a seamlessly integrated system and set up important processes for inbound lead generation, tracking + reporting and sales workflows etc.


As big believers of iterative improvement, our dedicated team will provide ongoing support, ensuring the continuous optimization and reliability of your marketing and sales tools.

Revops Catalyst: Create a system that
can scale as you grow

TripleDart will take stock of your current tech stack, ops systems and make strategic changes to help you scale faster with no operational friction


Gain deep insights into your existing operations with our comprehensive audit process. We examine your current tech stack, processes, and metrics to identify gaps and areas for improvement, providing you with a clear roadmap to success.


Based on the audit findings, our team of experts will make strategic & tactical recommendations to help you find better tools, build more streamlined processes like automated lead assignment, sales workflows etc.


We will handle the technical implementation and drive adoption of recommended enhancements, seamlessly integrating new features/workflows and automation into your existing systems, while minimising disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Revops Momentum: Get data-driven
funnel optimisation

TripleDart will focus on making your marketing and sales funnel highly efficient while making operational changes to get most out of your tech stack

Data-Driven Insights

Get visibility into your marketing ROI and sales funnel performance. Our advanced analytics capabilities enable you to make data-backed decisions, uncover hidden opportunities, and optimise your marketing and sales strategies for maximum impact.

Funnel Optimization

We specialise in stitching together the entire marketing and sales funnel, ensuring a seamless flow from ads to customer acquisition. Improving efficiency is crucial for sustainable growth, we will analyse each stage of your buyer journey to identify bottlenecks, improve conversion rates, and streamline the customer journey for enhanced results.

Growth Tracking

Our comprehensive tracking mechanisms will enable you to monitor key metrics and KPIs at every stage of the funnel. From ad performance to lead quality, we provide real-time insights, empowering you to iterate, adapt, and accelerate your growth strategies.
Your trusted HubSpot partner for seamless onboarding, implementation, and migrations.

Marketing Intelligence:
Get answers to impossible questions

TripleDart crafts custom dashboards that act as command centres, empowering you to effortlessly monitor and track every aspect of your sales and marketing operations. With insights seamlessly stitched together from across applications like ad platforms, CRM, marketing automation tools etc. to gain a comprehensive view of your business' performance real-time.

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