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Universal Analytics: Cutover Date 1st July, 2023
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Google Analytics 4
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Cross-Platform Analytics

Rebuilt analytics with an event-based data model to enable measurement across web and app.

- A new event-based data model merges site and app data, helping you to make better data-driven decisions with a deeper understanding of user behavior.

- A combined view of your data can dismantle internal silos and simplify managing large amounts of data across platforms.

Marketing Activation

Activate insights & audiences across channels by leveraging direct integrations to media buying platforms.

- Put it all together: Develop a comprehensive plan for activating your insights and audiences through our platform integrations.

- These direct integrations enable unified conversion reporting and unified activation of audiences, to help you reach users across platforms.

Customer Journey Mapping

Centralize data for a holistic customer view across devices and platforms, and to capture online and offline events.

- Expand the data you’re collecting in Google Analytics 4 with additional datasets to get a more complete picture of your clients.

- Multiple options exist to expand your view of customers such as Data Import and Measurement Protocol.

Packages we have

Milestone Based Pricing | Certified GA Consultants
Migration Services
GA4 Property Setup & Migration of all UA events to GA4
Goals & Conversions setup. Measurement Plan and event implementation plan
Configuration Settings Migrations (Filters, referral exclusions etc.)
Audience Migration & Integration Migration (Google Ads, Google Search Console etc.)
GA4 Implementation Services
Audit UA & GTM & Provide Audit Assesment Report
Advanced Analysis Reports & Data Studio Dashboard
Cross Domain Tracking, User ID tracking etc.
Event Setup - Industry specific and custom events
GA4 Projects Delivered
10 Days
Avg Project Time
Accuracy Rate
Inhouse GA 4/GTM Experts

Our Winning Process

Step 1: Analysis

We evaluate your current Universal Analytics setup and create a plan to migrate your data to GA4 without any downtime.

Step 2: Data Migration

We execute the previously planned steps to migrate your data while ensuring data validation at each step to avoid discrepancies.

Step 3: Integration

We work with you to integrate GA4 data with your current reporting and analytics workflows, ensuring that you have access to all the benefits of GA4 without disrupting your business processes.

Hear it from our clients!

TDD helps streamline our Analytics!

We have had an excellent experience with the Tripledart team. They are sincere, very technical and very detail oriented. With the Migration done by TDD, our analytics is cleaner and much easier to access and analyze, across all sources in one account.

It almost feels like having an internal team working on it. They go out of their way to help and ensure success. I have already referred them to many entrepreneurs.

Ceo, Project Pro

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What will happen to my current GA (Universal Analytics) data once I set up GA4 property?

Your current GA Implementation in Universal analytics remains as it is, as our offering plans enable parallel tracking to GA4 property. If you do not have an active UA (Universal Analytics) property then you will get a fresh GA4 property implementation.

What is a better option? Should I migrate existing UA implementation or do a fresh set up for GA4 property?

For most of our clients, we recommend starting with a fresh setup for GA4 property even though you have UA implementation in place. This is because the underlying data model for both UA and GA4 are different. However, if you want your existing implementation to be migrated to GA4, then we do have a GA4 Migrate plan for you.

How many websites are covered under the GA4 plans?

The scope of each of the GA4 plans is limited to one website (i.e. root domain which includes subdomains as well). If you have multiple websites, you can contact us and we will get back to you with an appropriate quote.

Does your GA4 plans cover web/mobile app implementation?

No, all the  plans: GA4 Migration, GA4 Set Up/Implementation, and GA4 Advance don’t cover analytics for app platforms. The scope of offering is limited to Google Analytics for websites. However, if you want GA4 implementation for your app, feel free to contact us