Top 8 Bing Ads Agencies for Your B2B SaaS Business (2024)

June 30, 2024
Top 8 Bing Ads Agencies for Your B2B SaaS Business (2024)


Key Takeaways

  • Bing Ads for B2B SaaS helps reach a new audience and has a potentially lower cost-per-click than Google Ads.
  • While choosing a Bing Ads Agency, look for a B2B SaaS experience, comprehensive services, and good reviews.
  • Consider a Bing marketing agency that provides comprehensive services like campaign management, optimization, and reporting.
  • The pricing model of the marketing agency should align with your budget (fixed package vs. customized).

We are all aware of Google's monopoly, which increases competition in ad creation for Google AdWords and Google Ads to another level. Amidst this high competition for Google AdWords, businesses must diversify their ads on different platforms.

While Google Ads often takes center stage, Bing Ads offers unique opportunities to reach a diverse audience and potentially lower costs per click. Running successful Bing ads campaigns on Bing can significantly boost your business's online presence, especially for B2B SaaS companies.  

To maximize your success on this platform, partnering with a specialized B2B Bing Ads agencies can make all the difference. Now, the question arises: Which Bing Ads agency should you choose? In this guide, we'll explore the top Bing Ads agencies for B2B businesses, helping you decide to boost your PPC performance.

8 Best Bing Ads Agencies in 2024

Agency Best For Strengths Notable Clients Reviews Pricing Location
TripleDart SaaS companies in their Series A to D Outcome-driven, focuses on pipeline and ARR Moengage, Hiver, PayU, 4.6/5 on Trustpilot (40+ reviews) Starting from $3,500/month Plano, US & Bangalore, India
Disruptive Advertising Businesses with revenue of $1M-$50M Full-funnel digital marketing strategy Adobe, Davinci, KPMG, PoliteMail 4.8/5 on Clutch (1000+ reviews) Minimum project price $5,000+ Pleasant Grove, UT
Thrive Internet Marketing Agency Businesses of all sizes Strategy-first approach, results-driven Pawzpurr, Win Systems, Rakkasan Motorsports 4.7/5 on Clutch (90+ reviews) Starting at $1,000 Dallas, TX
SmartSites Businesses at all levels Knowledgeable, responsive, easy to work with Clark Filters Direct, Melfast, Baldwin Filters R Us 4.9/5 on Clutch (225 reviews) Starting at $1,000 Paramus, NJ
NinjaPromo High-growth startups Comprehensive digital marketing, quick results Logitech,, HubSpot 4.9/5 on Clutch (35+ reviews) Starts at $3,200/month London, NY
HawkSEM Local businesses and enterprises ROI-driven strategies Verizon, Microsoft, Honda, Nike 5/5 on Clutch Starts at $3,000/month Los Angeles, CA
Tinuiti Digital-forward brands with $15,000+ ad spend Full-funnel marketing services, proprietary technology Bonafide, Culligan, Etsy, Samsung


Contact for pricing details New York, NY
WebFX Various business sizes and industries Tech-enabled, extensive data analysis Wrangler, Zagg, Fujifilm, Hutton 4.9/5 on Clutch (400+ reviews) Minimum project size $1,000+ Harrisburg, PA

1. TripleDart

Best for: SaaS companies in their series A to D funding.

Strengths: TripleDart is an outcome-driven SaaS pay-per-click advertising and Bing Ads agency that focuses heavily on building pipeline and ARR.

Notable clients: moengage, hiver, PayU,, storylane. 

Reviews: Rated 4.6/5 stars with around 40+ reviews on Trustpilot.

Pricing: Paid media pricing starts at  $3500/month, with no hidden charges, only a flat fee.

Specialization: SaaS, B2B, AI, HRTech, CyberSecutrity, MarTech, FinTech, E-commerce SaaS.

Employee Size: 80+ employees

Location: TripleDart employs people from 12+ countries who work remotely and have physical offices in Plano, US, and Bangalore, India.


Founded in 2021, TripleDart provides Bing Ads services to B2B SaaS companies. TripleDart worked with over 100 SaaS businesses to manage, monitor, and scale their Bing ads, improving ROI. Our tailored strategies target the right audience with relevant messaging to increase conversions.

We ensure Bing Ads campaigns integrate seamlessly into your overall digital marketing plan. Our services include in-depth keyword research, ad creatives and landing page creation, constant monitoring and optimization, and conversion tracking and reporting.

TripleDart focuses on building pipeline and ARR, helping SaaS businesses achieve the best results for their ad spending.

2. Disruptive Advertising

Best for: Disruptive Advertising is best for businesses with a revenue range of $1M - $50M

Strengths: Disruptive Advertising has managed $450M+ annually in ad spend for clients. Disruptive Advertising provides a full-funnel digital marketing strategy while leveraging the relevant and best platforms to help businesses achieve their goals.

Notable clients: Adobe, Davinci, KPMG, PoliteMail, Xactware.

Reviews: Disruptive Advertising is rated 4.8/5 On Clutch with 1000+ Reviews

Pricing: The minimum project price at Disruptive Advertising marketing agency is $5000+.

Specialization: E-commerce, IT services, Software, Hospitality, Healthcare, Human Resources, Lifestyle.

Employee Size: Disruptive Advertising employees 150+ folks.

Location: Pleasant Grove, UT


Disruptive Advertising was founded in 2011 and is now a top-rated Bing Ads agency. The disruptive Advertising team comprises passionate marketers who develop the proper Bing Ads campaign strategy for businesses and create campaigns aligned with their goals. Disruptive Advertising leverages data and turns it into insights for informed marketing decision-making.

Disruptive Advertising has a knack for leveraging the right people for exemplary work with the right tools and technology, which enables them to deliver exceptional results. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Best for: Works with businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises.

Strengths: Thrive is a results-driven, full-service digital marketing agency. They focus on taking a strategy-first approach to digital marketing budget.

Notable clients: Pawzpurr, Win Systems, Rakkasan Motorsports.

Reviews: 4.7 average rating on clutch with 90+ reviews.

Pricing: The project price starts at $1000.

Specialization:  eCommerce, B2B, retail, social media, companies, and varied niches

Employee Size: 200+ employees

Location: Dallas, Texas


Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, founded by Matt Bowman, provides a full-service digital marketing agency that handles everything from building a WordPress site to social media campaigning and Bing ads.

Thrive has been in the market since 2005 and now has an active client base of about 1000 clients from Germany, Hong Kong, and the US.

Thrive provides customized services with a systematic approach that aligns with the business's unique goals. Thrive’s pay-per-click specialists are AdWords certified and can create Bing ads that target the right people at the right time.

4. SmartSites

Best for: SmartSites helps businesses at all levels - small, home, and nonprofit. Other industries include legal service, automotive, retail, etc,

Strengths: Knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to work with.

Notable clients: Clark Filters Direct, Melfast, Baldwin Filters R Us, Mind & Vody Health.

Reviews: Average rating of 4.9/5 with 225 reviews on Clutch.

Pricing: The minimum project price starts at $1,000.

Specialization: B2B, Automotive, HealthTech, Hospitality.

Employee Size: 260+ employees.

Location: Paramus, NJ


SmartSites, co-founded by Alex and Michael Melen, specializes in Bing Ads services. As a top-rated digital marketing agency, SmartSites focuses on running effective PPC campaigns to boost sales and ROI.

SmartSites offers a range of services tailored to Bing Ads, including detailed keyword research, creating compelling ads, developing effective landing pages, and continuous campaign optimization. The team uses data-driven strategies to ensure campaigns are targeted accurately, enhancing conversions.

With a proven track record of generating over $100 million in client revenue and backed by 100+ positive testimonials, SmartSites leverages extensive data from various industries to help businesses excel in Bing Ads and stay ahead of the competition.

5. NinjaPromo

Best for: High-growth startups.

Strengths: NinjaPromo is an expert in all aspects of digital marketing, from doing Bing ads and advertising to designing websites and crafting SEO strategies to producing videos and drafting paid Bing ads.

Notable clients: Logitech,, HudSpot, Burger King, Samsung, stripe.

Reviews: NinjaPromo has a 4.9/5 average rating with 35+ reviews on Clutch.

Pricing: Their subscription plans start at $3200 / Month for 40 hours, and their best subscription plan costs $9600 / Month for 160 hours, which includes an entire marketing department.

Specialization: B2B, FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Software, ecommerce.

Employee size: Remote team of about 100+ employees.

Location: London, NY


Established in 2017, NinjaPromo specializes in Bing Ads services, helping businesses increase traffic, brand visibility, and sales. They offer a range of digital marketing services, including social media engagement, SEO, influencer marketing, paid advertising, and email marketing.

NinjaPromo operates on a subscription basis, providing instant access to digital marketing experts for over 250 businesses. Companies can post tasks and have a team working on them within 24 hours, ensuring quick results without the need for quotes or proposals.

For Bing Ads, NinjaPromo offers custom strategies that align with your business goals. Their services include account setup and management, keyword research, ad creation, campaign strategy and implementation, ad copy optimization, and performance tracking. NinjaPromo ensures your Bing Ads are effective, targeted, and optimized for maximum results.

6. HawkSEM

Best for: Local businesses and enterprises as well as international markets.

Strengths: ROi-driven strategies that pave the path to exceptional revenue and growth.

Notable clients: Verizon, Microsoft, Honda, Csun, Nike.

Reviews: 5/5 average rating on clutch.

Pricing: Starts at $3000 per month.

Specialization: SaaS, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, FinServ, Education. Legal, healthcare.

Employee size: 90 employees.

Location: Los Angeles, California


HawkSEM is one of the Bing ad agencies that is result-oriented. They focus on their Bing ads, making more profits for their advertising clients than their ads, which have mere vanity metrics. Their ads and systems are built to create ads that boost search engines' conversions from search engine to sale.

HawkSEM helps businesses strategize, build, and improve their marketing strategies for Bing ads and others.

Their services include paid and Yahoo search engines marketing, search engine optimization and SEO, content marketing, ad copy, Bing advertising services, paid social and media, landing page optimization, a marketing manager, and email marketing,

7. Tinuiti

Best for: Digital marketing for digital-forward brands with more than $ 15,000 in ad spend.

Strengths: Customer-obsessed, product-enable, and fully integrated Bing ads strategy.

Notable clients: Bonafide, culligan, ETsy, Samsung, Toms, Sony.

Reviews: 5/5

Pricing: Contact the team for pricing details.

Specialization: Consumer goods and technology space.

Employee Size: 1100+ employees

Location: New York, NY


Tinuiti, founded in 2005, is a performance marketing company specializing in Bing Ads. They offer full-funnel marketing services and emphasize transparency in presenting social media performance, marketing spend, customer behavior, and business outcomes to clients.

Tinuiti has managed $4 billion in PPC advertising spend for its clients. Their proprietary technology, Bliss Point by Tinuiti, tracks and measures the impact and efficiency of advertising spend, ensuring effective and optimized campaigns. With excellent customer support, Tinuiti helps brands achieve their digital marketing goals through targeted Bing Ads strategies.

8. WebFX

Best for

Strengths: WebFX has a technology called MarketingCloudFX, which is phenomenal for food reporting and analytics. Their team includes over 500+ top digital marketing experts and 150+ database SMEs from different industries.

Notable clients: Wrangler, Zagg, Fujifilm, Hutton, EYebuy durect, Rowan University.

Reviews: WebFX has an average rating of 4.9/5, with over 400 reviews on Clutch.

Pricing: Their minimum project size is $1000+.

Specialization: B2B, B2C, TEch, Ecommerce.

Employee Size: 800+ employees

Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


WebFX is a tech-enabled digital marketing agency specializing in Bing Ads. They provide each client with a dedicated account manager as the main point of contact. WebFX experts streamline your PPC campaign strategy and refine Bing Ads targeting for maximum impact.

WebFX has driven $6 billion in sales and generated over 24 million quality leads for clients. Their technology, MarketingCloudFX, centralizes data and reports from various ad formats and sources, providing clear insights into PPC ad performance.

WebFX offers a range of digital marketing services, including SEO, content marketing, PPC advertising, Bing Ads, and social media. Their team ensures your Bing Ads are optimized for the best results.

Key factors to consider the right Bing Ads agency for your business

1. B2B SaaS Specialization

Choosing a Bing Ads agency with extensive experience in Bing advertising services for your business's specific sector can significantly improve the success of your Bing Ads campaigns. The right agency needs to understand the particular challenges and opportunities in the B2B SaaS space, which allows them to create highly effective and targeted Bing Ads campaigns that resonate with potential customers.

2. Service Offerings

Check for the variety of online marketing services the right marketing agency offers, too. With comprehensive full-service agency offerings, including campaign management, campaign optimization, and reporting, the right agency can provide a one-stop solution for all your Bing advertising needs.

3. Client Reviews and Testimonials

Client feedback and testimonials give insights into the agency’s reliability and performance. Look for agencies with positive reviews and case studies demonstrating their ability to deliver results.

4. Pricing Structure

Understand the agency’s pricing structure and ensure tailored pricing aligns with your budget. Some agencies offer fixed packages, while others provide customized pricing based on your requirements.

5. Communication and Reporting

Effective communication and transparent reporting are crucial for a successful partnership. Always choose the right agency that provides regular updates and detailed reports, helping you stay informed about your campaign’s performance.

Why Choose TripleDart for Your Bing Ads Needs

TripleDart's approach to search engine marketing is rooted in data analysis and continuous campaign optimization, ensuring your Bing Ads campaigns deliver the best possible ROI. We offer tailored Bing Ads solutions to help your business achieve its goals. Our experienced team uses advanced search engine marketing and optimization strategies and tools to deliver high-quality leads and maximize your ROI.

We excel in online marketing services like B2B performance marketing across multiple channels, including Bing Ads, Google Ads, and B2B LinkedIn lead generation.

We provide clear and regular reports on your campaign performance, with critical metrics ensuring you always know where your money is going and what results it's driving. Unlike other agencies, we offer a personalized touch, ensuring your unique business goals and challenges are always at the forefront of our marketing strategy.

As your business grows, our services can scale to match your evolving needs, from startup to enterprise-level campaigns, making us the right agency for your business. Our success stories speak for themselves. We have numerous B2B SaaS clients achieving significant business growth through our Bing Ads management.

When choosing B2B PPC agency, Tripledart offers the perfect blend of expertise, personalization, and results-driven strategies.


What are Bing Ads Campaigns?

Bing ad campaigns: Bing Ads offers a marketing campaign you run on Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) to reach potential customers searching on the Bing search engine and its partner network. They work similarly to Google Ads campaigns, but you create ads campaigns that target the Bing search engine audience specifically.

How are Bing ads different from Google ads?

Google Ads has a much larger user base (over 90% search engine market share). Bing Ads captures a more minor but potentially different target audience.

What are Bing ads agencies?

Bing Ads agencies are marketing firms that specialize in managing pay-per-click campaigns on the search engine and Microsoft Advertising platform (formerly Bing Ads). They help brands reach their target audience by using Bing ads, demographic targeting, ad formats, and leveraging Bing search engine and partner network advertising together.

What does a Bing ads agency do?

They handle the campaign strategy, setup, keyword research, bidding, search engine optimization, reporting, and landing page optimization for Bing Ads campaigns.

What kind of services does a Bing ads agency provide?

In addition to core management, they may offer competitor analysis, conversion tracking, detailed data analysis, remarketing marketing campaigns, detailed analysis, social media planning, and B2B marketing expertise.

What results can we expect from hiring a Bing ads agency?

Expect increased brand awareness, targeted lead generation, improved ROI, time savings, and data-driven insights.

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