B2B SEO Case Study: How We Helped These 6 B2B Brands to Get More Traffic and Sales

Manoj Palanikumar
April 23, 2024


Google currently has a 91.37% market share of the search engine market worldwide. (Statcounter)

Most professionals and decision-makers use Google to search for information and products. Hence, creating and implementing an SEO strategy is critical to B2B business success.

61% of marketers reported that improving SEO and growing their organic presence were their top inbound marketing priorities. (Source)

A B2B SEO strategy combined with your content marketing strategy is vital to generating relevant organic traffic and driving leads and revenue growth for your business.

Furthermore, it helps you to build a relationship with prospects at each stage of their buyer's journey, helping you get lasting results in terms of sales and conversions.

At TripleDart, we've worked with numerous B2B businesses to help them gain relevant topical authority and search engine rankings for their targeted keywords.

In this article, we bring you handpicked B2B SEO case studies from our B2B SEO agency's repository.

So, hold on tight and get ready to immerse yourself in some excellent insights from some real-world examples.

B2B SEO Case Study #1: How We Helped RevenueHero Achieve a 200% Increase in Organic Traffic

RevenueHero is a B2B software that integrates with a company's lead capture forms to qualify prospects in real time and then schedules meetings with the appropriate sales representative.

This process aims to shorted sales cycles and increase conversions.

b2b seo case study


In this case study, let us understand how we helped RevenueHero achieve its SEO goals.

The Goals

To build and grow a sales pipeline from organic search for RevenueHero.

The Challenge

With a lack of an existing SaaS startup SEO strategy in place, TripleDart had to work from ground level to build an SEO and content marketing strategy that drives conversions for RevenueHero.

The Strategy

  • We built and executed a product-led content strategy by creating 30,000 words of high-quality content monthly. We published 10 to 15 keyword-driven blog posts every month.
  • Drove topical authority by implementing hub & spoke content structure.
  • Conducted monthly content audit to improve ranking and relevancy and prioritised low-difficulty keywords.
  • Combined organic marketing with performance marketing to accelerate results.

The Results

With our consistent efforts, we were able to achieve a 200% increase in organic traffic for RevenueHero in a matter of three months.

Furthermore, some of the blog posts we published quickly rose to the top of the SERPs. What's more, they got 50 plus rich snippet features.

How to do it for Your B2B Business

Go to the heart of the challenges your customers are facing and push out product-led content that aims to offer tangible solutions. Use search engine optimization as your key weapon to rank on search engines. Finally, don't forget to keep tabs on the latest B2B SEO trends.

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Case Study #2: How We Helped Storylane 5X Their Organic Search Traffic

Storylane is a versatile no-code platform designed to help teams create and share interactive product demos quickly and efficiently.

It offers a range of features, including a browser extension for capturing product flows, a powerful editor for making HTML edits without coding, and the ability to add guides and widgets to highlight product features.

B2B seo case study


The Goals

To create product awareness and drive sales with the help of SEO and content marketing.

The Challenge

The primary problem was identifying ways to create brand awareness for a unique product offering. At the same, we had to work on pushing high-intent content to drive conversions for this emerging startup.

Because the product operates in a narrow niche, it was for us to identify the best keywords across the customer journey.

The Strategy

  • We created a content funnel for each product category/feature, creating content covering all intent combinations, which helped us boost the topical authority in relevant keyword categories. Also, this helped Storylane rank for the keyword - interactive product demo in 1st position in North America.
  • We curated Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) content that was heavily focused on product demos. This helped create relevant content and attain topical authority.
  • We captured high-intent search traffic with BOFU content and SEO-driven landing pages.
  • We worked on getting several backlinks from Storylane’s client base. This helped us improve Storylane’s domain authority and search engine rankings.

The Results

We saw Storylane's traffic go up by five times. Also, our team helped Storylane get 400-plus demos and 140-plus paying customers in just six months!

How to do it for Your B2B Business

Drill deeper into your keyword research to understand which keywords are most relevant to your business. Align your keyword research with your customer journey so you can deliver content that meets the needs of your audience.

Don't forget to back up quality content with backlinks and other promotional activities.

Case Study #3: ShippingChimp Saw an 8X Increase in Their Traffic

SEO case sudy

ShippingChimp is a cloud-based e-commerce operations platform that helps retailers automatically sync their orders, customers, and logistics information in one place to supercharge their customer experience and reduce operational expenses with data-driven decisions.

From contributing to the post-purchase experience to driving repetitive orders, ShippingChimp helps eCommerce companies to significantly scale their business.

The Goals

To identify the relevant keywords and to generate organic traffic that leads to conversions.

The Challenge

Struggling with a vast range of ICPs, ShippingChimp encountered mixed results on search engines. That’s when they reached out to Tripledart seeking expert guidance on SEO combined with content marketing.

The Strategy

  • Webpage migration
  • On-Page SEO optimization
  • SEO-focussed content strategy
  • Improving the relevance of existing content
  • Building page authority using strategic internal linking
  • Performing frequent technical audits

The Results

With our SEO-focused content strategy, ShippingChimp saw an 8X increase in traffic, a 2.5X improvement in search rankings, and 5X in pipeline growth.


How to do it for Your B2B Business

When doing content marketing, ensure you don't ignore technical SEO. It's ideal to make use of the right B2B SEO tools to conduct website audits regularly and keep your website free from any SEO-related issues.

Work on optimizing your existing pages and work on creating an optimum internal linking structure for your website.

Be persistent with your link-building strategies to acquire quality backlinks to some of your main website pages and resources.

Also, a thorough competitive analysis is needed to create valuable and audience-centric content.

Case Study #4: How Databrain Recorded a 16X Jump in Ranking Keywords in Six Months

b2b seo case study

Databrain is an embedded analytics solution that helps businesses build white-labeled reports for their customers. Making data-driven decisions is easier with this SDK solution as it helps you create reports that offer deeper insights and visual analysis.

Their SDK can be connected to anything, therefore giving businesses the option to add a reporting dashboard without creating their own from scratch.

The Challenge

As a new player in the embedded analytics space, Databrain had to start building its B2B content repository. At the same time, this enterprise SaaS company needed to work to compete with the likes of Tableau and Power BI.

The Goals

To work on targeting BoFu keywords with relevant and in-depth blog content and drive high-intent website traffic that leads to conversion growth for Databrain.

The Strategy

From identifying the right target keywords to listing BoFu pieces, the SEO team at TripleDart found the missing piece in Databrain’s content marketing strategy.

  • We focused on discovering bottom-of-the-funnel keywords to assist the client in steadily increasing high-intent website traffic.
  • We identified and created industry-specific solution pages that address user pain points, a strategy that helped us boost conversions significantly.
  • We also identified the top industry players and created comparison pages to showcase the benefits of choosing Databrain
  • Our team diligently worked on developing cluster pages to display features like embedded analytics, customer-facing analytics, etc., to boost Databrains topical authorities in these areas of expertise.
  • Our SEO experts conducted in-depth technical audits to identify and resolve persistent website SEO issues.
  • After identifying low-performing website pages, we meticulously performed on-page optimization of all such pages by improving keyword density, using keyword variations, strategic internal linking, and improving page metatags.

The Results

With our dedicated efforts at executing a relevant SEO strategy, Databrain saw a 1600% increase in ranking keywords. Furthermore, our content creation efforts helped Databrain achieve a 2X increase in organic traffic in a span of six months.

How to do it for Your B2B Business

As a B2B marketer, you must be aggressive about creating authority for important landing pages on your website. Be focused on linking these pages to valuable content that drives user action.

On the other hand, you can use content optimization to achieve SEO results for your branded content. Conduct regular technical audits to improve organic visits and online visibility.

Case Study #5: How We Helped Multiplier Scale Their Conversion Volume by 50%

Multiplier is a SaaS platform that eliminates the complications of international employment, payroll, and compliance.

SEO case study


The Challenge

Lack of cohesive demand generation strategy that uses organic SEO and paid campaigns for business growth. A fairly new website that required us to work harder to build its domain domain authority.

The Goals

Building and growing their sales pipeline to drive conversions and revenue.

The Strategy

Multiplier hired us to spearhead their search engine optimization and content marketing combined with paid marketing efforts. We built an end-to-end lead generation engine to get consistent results for the SaaS product.

Here are the key elements of the strategy we executed for Multiplier:

  • Longtail keyword research and targeting
  • On-page SEO
  • SEO focussed content creation
  • Structured Google Ads
  • Multichannel paid social strategy
  • Landing page strategy

The Results

Using a long-tail keyword strategy as the foundation for creating valuable blog content, we were able to help Multiplier generate high-quality organic traffic and leads. As a result, they saw a 200% increase in organic traffic and a 50% increase in conversion volume.

How to do it for Your B2B Business

Don't get disheartened by the fact that your domain rating is low. Targeting long-tail keywords for your B2B SEO can help you tap into the low-hanging fruits and quickly get relevant organic traffic for your website.

Complement this strategy with landing pages to convey why your services are the best. Keep tabs on your Google Analytics dashboard to track results and work on improving your content and your messaging.

Case Study #6: How BiteSpeed Witnessed a 100% Increase in Organic Impressions

BiteSpeed is a revolutionary SaaS product that helps Shopify-based e-commerce brands to move away from boring, impersonal marketing emails and sell with the help of B2C chat applications.

They help e-commerce store owners boost their revenue by helping them with abandoned carts and conversion optimization.

The Challenge

A wider TAM meant extensive content production to reach and connect with BiteSpeed's scattered customer base. Also, it was vital for us to focus on Shopify-focused keywords and topics. However, since these keywords had a high search volume, their difficulty level was also much higher.

Moreover, a large part of the SERP real estate for all such keywords was owned by Shopify and existing industry thought leaders.

The Goals

To build and execute a steady organic marketing strategy for BiteSpeed.

The Strategy

Our SEO experts focused on three core elements of a winning SEO strategy: authority, relevance, and experience. We put all our energy into finding the right keywords and topics and creating high-quality content. Here's how we generated the desired business outcomes for BiteSpeed:

  • SEO focussed content strategy
  • On-page optimization
  • Strategic internal linking
  • Technical website audits
  • Programmatic SEO to build important pages around best Shopify apps for several categories

The Results

By producing 150K words of high-quality and user-intent-focused content, we were able to help this D2C brand achieve a 200% increase in traffic and a 30% increase in opportunities on a month-on-month basis. With our efforts, BiteSpeed also got 50 plus rich snippet features in just three months!

How to do it for Your B2B Business

Organic SEO and content marketing is about sticking to the basics. Keep creating valuable content and keep optimizing existing content to see your blog pages rise in popularity and attract relevant leads to your business.

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Final Thoughts  

It is evident that SEO and content marketing are effective strategies to give wings to your digital presence and build a content-based marketing pipeline for your B2B business. These strategies not only help you get organic visits on your website, but they also help you drive lasting results in terms of sales and revenue.

At TripleDart, our team is passionate about helping B2B startups expand their businesses through B2B SEO and content marketing. With our single-minded focus and dedication, we were able to deliver amazing results for all the B2B companies mentioned in this post.

And we'd love to see your B2B company rise to the top and acquire a huge chunk of the SERP real estate.

So, if you're looking for a B2B SEO agency, please book a call with one of our experts.

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