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Our Achievements

increase in SQLs at 33% of marketing spend.
8 SQLs
generated with ACV>$100K at $25K cost.
pipeline at $20K cost in 2 months.

Customer acquisition partner for leading brands

Hear it from our clients!

Great B2B SaaS Marketing Agency.

The team really works closely and it doesn't feel like 2 different teams are working on the project. The results have been great and looking forward to a longer association with this amazing team.

Ajay Varia

Exemplary Service, Outstanding Results!

My experience with TripleDart was exceptional. Their top-notch work quality, strong work ethic, and impressive design skills truly stood out. The team was responsive and thorough from planning to execution, ensuring our project excelled. I highly recommend TripleDart for anyone seeking guaranteed results and seamless collaboration.

Shashank Kumar

Skilled and hard working team.

Folks at TDD are hard working, creative and technical experts. Really helped us structure and scale our paid campaigns efficiently.

Co founder

What we bring to the table

Unlock growth with our strategic ABM. We use in-depth customer understanding, competitive insights, engaging content, and personalised multichannel outreach to create impactful campaigns for your B2B success.
Size & Status
Performance & Growth
Funding rounds
End users
Economic buyers
Tech Stack
Tech Infrastructure
Support Stack
Internal Comms
Gated lead touchpoints
Event Attendees
Webinar registrations
Sales interactions
Website engagement
Identify precise marketing touch points with your customers.
Leverage gaps & opportunities in how your competitors attract customers.
Align your messaging to a custom JTBD framework for your ICP. Create stronger brand resonance.
Boost brand awareness: Thought leadership content to catapult your brand to new heights
Foster consideration: Product pitches, comparisons & demos that focus on your ICP's pain points
Build trust: Testimonials & case studies to showcase your expertise & experience
Establish touch points: Webinars, virtual experiences & live events that leave a lasting impression on your ICP
Data-driven multi-channel outbound across email, LinkedIn & more to reach the right audience at the right time
Hyper-personalised campaigns for relevant personas from high-intent accounts
Custom out-of-the-box gifting for enhanced brand perception & positive word-of-mouth
Laser focused targeting
The first step!
Tailored messaging
This is where the fun begins!
Strategic air cover
Next up: Magic happens.
Personalised multi channel
Finish with a bang!
We learn, iterate, and improve to make each sprint better than the last.
Analyse which marketing channels, efforts & messages are working for your ICP
Solidify positioning based on robust competitor analysis & differentiation
Identify key value props & JTBD to craft clear, compelling & consistent communication across channels
Convey brand & topical authority through exclusive thought leadership content
Convince prospects with top-notch problem-solving & product-led content
Convert leads into loyal customers with case studies, testimonials, webinars, events, and social proof
Ace positioning & messaging
Start with cold prospects
Convey. Convince. Convert.
End with customers for life.
And then, We learn, Improvise & up for the next sprint!
Oh, did we mention that we take care of all the infrastructure?
Secondary domain setup
Tools to build the account book
Website de-anonymization tools
Ad account setup

Access to cutting-edge technology & tools

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How much does it cost to do ABM with Tripledart?

We typically charge $5,000/month. This is excluding the spends on Ad platforms & other tools. 

We would like to emphasize that we do not suggest getting tools like Demandbase or 6sense if you just started exploring ABM. 

Do I need tools like Clearbit or 6Sense or Demandbase?

We do not recommend investing heavy amounts on the conventional ABM tech stack before we know what the results could look like. We ideally launch a pilot activity with LinkedIn Ads & Multi channel outbound activities and then move towards the sophisticated ones based on the results.

How do I know if we are ABM ready?

 If you have a good idea about what a high value account could look like and what kind of problems they are looking to solve with your solution, You may be ABM ready.

Usually, For ABM to work, your target accounts could have an ACV of $30K+ and an Employee Size of at least 500.

How does TripleDart ensure that we get a plan that works for our product & the use case?

We work with your Sales & Marketing teams to craft a strategy tailored to you. We take up the following activities based on what your needs are:

  • Analysing existing customers to build an Account book.
  • Crafting the messaging for creatives & landing pages.
  • Outbound infrastructure & strategy.
  • Brainstorming tactics to establish contacts. Like Live & virtual events, webinars, networking dinners, etc.
How do we ensure the success of these ABM campaigns?

Tripledart helps with detailed execution of paid campaigns. We collaborate with your internal Marketing & Sales teams to plan next steps to ensure its success.

Why should I go with TripleDarts’ ABM rather than a traditional agency offering?

TripleDarts ABM helps you do personalised outbound. The other agencies help you reach broader audiences with various marketing strategies like cold email, display ads & PPC advertising.

Whats’ TripleDarts way of doing ABM?

We take a categorical approach to planning & executing your Account based Marketing. Here is what it involves:

  • Audiences: We go through your champion customers to identify the characteristics of your dream accounts, Their Firmographics, Technographics and Psychographics.
  • Content Mapping: We do a comprehensive JTBD framework to identify your customer’s goals and fears. This enables us to craft content that helps your customers win!
  • Campaign planning: We then plan our campaigns on how we can reach your target audiences. This will now include Display campaigns, LinkedIn campaigns & personalised Email outreach.
  • Setup: Once the plan is set up, we then work on the technical setup. This includes conversion configuration on the platforms, setting up website de-anonymization so we could take intent signals.

And then we launch!

What are the advantages of Account based Marketing & Why should I consider it?

It has several benefits. ABM is a high RoI activity. The personalized strategies help you maintain good relationships with your prospects, thereby having lower sales cycles & longer retention periods.