A Guide to Leverage your Linkedin Ads in 2024

Prabhath Kidambi
Prabhath Kidambi
A Guide to Leverage your Linkedin Ads in 2024


Did you know it’s now 60% more expensive to get a new customer than it was five years ago?

This is a wake-up call for businesses to reassess their marketing strategies and cut down the customer acquisition costs (CAC).

The Solution? Shifting from broad demand generation strategies to more selective demand methods.

That’s where LinkedIn shines, offering a goldmine of opportunities for precise customer targeting.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of LinkedIn Ads. You’ll discover how to utilize LinkedIn for effective B2B lead generation.

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How to Leverage LinkedIn Ads?

Tripledart brings you a three-tiered strategy to make the most of LinkedIn Ads without overspending:

Let’s explore each step in detail. 

1. Pinpointing Your Audience: The Core of Effective Campaigns

Understanding who you’re speaking to is paramount. 

Start with identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Then, create detailed personas for key groups—users, influencers, and decision-makers.

Dive into the specifics, like job titles and company size, and don't forget the human element—what drives these professionals? Their needs, pain points, etc.

Use these insights to compile an account list or apply stringent native audience filters. This ensures your message lands in front of those who matter the most. 

For instance, when targeting IT managers at mid-sized companies, focus on roles like “IT Director” or “Technology Manager”. Dive into their concerns—cybersecurity or keeping tabs on tech developments. Tailor your campaign to address these issues. Plus, apply relevant LinkedIn filters for maximum impact.

Scale Your Business with TripleDart's High-Impact PPC Strategies
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2. Structuring Your Campaign: More Science than Art

No one on LinkedIn looks forward to seeing an ad, let alone clicking on it. 

The fix? Leverage LinkedIn Ads to build a brand voice in the minds of your prospects! 

Here’s the action plan: 

Step 1: Build Brand Voice

Your brand should come across as a familiar friend, offering valuable insights and solutions. 

For instance, Wix offers actionable insights on scaling an agency through an easy-to-download e-book. 

Step 2: Raise Problem Awareness

Highlight common challenges your audience faces and subtly position your brand as the solution.

Take a look at Synthesized’s ad, which highlights the challenge of handling data for development and testing and subtly positions itself as the solution.

Step 3: Showcase Solution

Now, bring your solutions into the spotlight. How does what you offer solve your audience's problems? 

SurveyMonkey, through this ad, focuses on the problem—how to know if your customers are satisfied. And showcases its solutions: getting data, sharing data, and impressing customers.

Step 4: Build Brand Trust

Share testimonials and case studies that foster your brand’s reliability and credibility.

Feathr’s ad shares a case study of how APTE benefitted from its product.

By following these steps, you'll establish a strong brand voice.

But why stop there? Take your LinkedIn strategy to new heights with Tripledart’s comprehensive media plan. It's your roadmap to standout campaigns and unparalleled engagement.

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To enhance your brand recognition further, launch outbound campaigns alongside your LinkedIn Ads.

Here’s an automatable outbound structure to make the best out of the LinkedIn Ad campaigns: 

Leverage the engagement you’re receiving on LinkedIn to expand your network with targeted accounts. 

This approach not only capitalizes on the active presence of your audience on the platform but also amplifies the reach of your organic posts.

3. Fine-tuning Your Messaging: Speak Their Language

When it comes to messaging, think of it less as selling and more as telling a story. Your story should be compelling, relatable, and, most importantly, useful. 

Here’s what to focus on:

1. Thought Leadership: 

Trust is currency. And how do you earn it? By positioning your brand as a reliable source of knowledge, in other words, a thought leader. 

Share insights, tips, and strategies that add value to your audience.

2. Problem and solution awareness

How to connect with your audience? Empathize with their problems.

Highlight the challenges your audience faces and communicate how your offerings provide effective solutions. 

3. Engagement

No one likes a salesy ad! Consider conversational ads to engage your audience more actively. 

Also, ensure your messaging is compelling and action-oriented.
Remember, the key is balance!

Wrapping Up: Your Path to LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn is a powerful platform. Advertising on LinkedIn the right way opens doors to a multitude of opportunities.

The key takeaways? Understand your audience deeply, structure your campaigns wisely, and craft messaging that truly connects.

Remember, the market is always changing, and your strategies should too. Keep experimenting, learning, and adapting. 

Happy advertising!

Prabhath Kidambi
Prabhath Kidambi
Head of ABM | TripleDart

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