Are you making the most of your Lead Magnets?

Shiyam Sunder
December 2, 2022
Are you making the most of your Lead Magnets?


What are you currently doing with your TOFU gated content leads ( E-books, Guides, Cheatsheets, Checklists, Whitepapers, etc.)? 

Lead Magnet is the easiest way for all marketers to get an inbound lead. 

But what is your process after getting this lead into your CRM?

Decreasing gated content leads to opportunity time is something every performance marketer struggles with.

Largely because these leads might fit your ICP, downloading these content assets doesn’t mean they are ready for your product demo yet. 

So, how should you make the most of your lead magnets? 

Here are some of the best ways I found to use the lead magnets.

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Create and send personalized videos 

Send a personalized video (use Loom, Vidyard) using some of your Exec profile. It should be short, lesser than 3 minutes, and it should talk about the problem you are solving and how you are currently helping other companies.

Always ask for feedback 

Connect and ask for feedback about the content on LinkedIn. Ask about the context (why they downloaded it) and if it helped (content quality feedback).

Don’t forget to reach out 

Reach out with a self-segmentation email or survey to understand what worked and what didn’t for the lead magnet. 

Retarget the same leads 

Add them to your bottom funnel retargeting audience list and retarget them using case studies, testimonials, solution-specific ads, etc. 

Use the live chat option 

Trigger live chat with set of relevant topics through drift or other chat bots when they are returning to your website.

Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter

Ask if they are interested to learn more about the topic. If yes, suggest to sign up for your newsletter, podcast or other demand gen assets. 

Perform additional research

Run additional account research to collect insights about potential account needs and brainstorm how your product can fulfill them.

Create unified messaging

Create unified messaging across multiple channels like LinkedIn, FB, Chatbot, Email, Landing pages, etc. Make sure to convey the same message across all audience groups. 

Run document ads  

Run document ads for the same audience to see if the content consumption rate increased.

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Shiyam Sunder
Shiyam Sunder
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