10 Best B2B Lead Generation Agencies in 2024 (Vetted List)

Jayakumar Muthusamy
June 13, 2024


In this ever-evolving world of B2B marketing, finding the right lead generation agency can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But worry not!

We've done the groundwork to bring you the best of the best B2B lead generation agencies from across the globe.

And here's the good news:

One of these agencies can help you catapult your business to a magical growth trajectory.

Here's your chance to get consistent leads for your business; how? By partnering with one of these top B2B SaaS lead generation companies of 2024.

So, do read this post till the very end to choose a marketing agency that aligns with your business goals.

Lead Generation Agency or Software: Find What Works for You?

Many marketers might mistake lead generation software for agency and vice versa. But they're not the same. In this section, let's understand the key differences between a B2B lead generation service and software.

Lead generation companies offer personalized service and expertise in crafting tailored strategies, which is beneficial for companies without in-house expertise. Such agencies also work well for businesses with a limited budget or those looking to scale quickly.

On the other hand, lead generation software provides tools for lead generation automation. Such tools are a cost-effective option for companies with in-house lead generation expertise.

The decision between outsourcing B2B lead generation and using lead generation software depends on several factors, including a company's specific needs and resources. You must consider your long-term goals and sales funnel structure when choosing between an agency and software.

However, the best approach may be a combination of a suitable B2B lead generation service and software; why? Because then you can profit from the expertise of an outsourcing partner while also benefiting from the cost efficiencies that software has to offer.

But for now, let's look at the best lead generation companies in 2024.

Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Agencies in 2024

1. TripleDart


Tripledart has established itself as a proficient lead generation agency for B2B businesses. They have a structured approach to generating qualified leads for their clients.

The TripleDart team has experience in handling successful SEM, search engine optimization, outbound lead generation, lead nurturing, and inbound lead management campaigns. Moreover, this agency works closely with its clients to execute winning B2B lead generation playbooks.


The agency's proficiency in growth marketing, SEO, outbound sales development, and inbound marketing makes it stand out among popular lead-generation companies. Their marketing team has a deep understanding of B2B lead generation, channel-optimized lead research,  and SaaS lead qualification, making them one of the best of the lot.

TripleDart offers you data-driven multi-channel outbound across email, LinkedIn, and other online marketing channels to reach the right audience at the right time. They have experience in running hyper-personalized marketing campaigns to help maximize B2B sales and revenue.

Notable B2B Clients

TripleDart's client roster includes names like Multiplier, Sense, Kula, Peoplebox, Rocketium, and Mailmodo.


TripleDart have offices in the United States, Bangalore and Europe.

Team Size

TripleDart has 80+ employees spread across eight countries.

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2. Cognism


Cognism is a robust lead generation company that offers you GDPR-compliant data and an innovative sales intelligence platform. They have a dedicated management team that constantly works to get you the precise prospect data within your CRM systems.


The company's strengths lie in its comprehensive lead data, which includes firmographics, technographics, and sales trigger events, all essential for businesses seeking to connect with their ideal prospects.

Notable B2B Clients

Notable clients include companies like Drift, Aircall, Kelly, Lead Forensics, and Mazars.


Cognism is headquartered in Brighton, United Kingdom. They also have offices in New York City, USA, and Skopje, North Macedonia.


Pricing plans start at $1500

Team Size

With a workforce of over 500 employees across six countries, Cognism has established a significant global presence.

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3. Upcall


Upcall has established itself as a prominent player in the lead generation industry. Its core service is outbound prospecting. The team at Upcall is proficient in offering top-notch lead-generation services with the help of popular CRM and marketing automation platforms.


Upcall offers its clients a real-time dashboard so that they can keep tabs on their lead-generation campaigns.

The team at Upcall understands products quickly to create and execute winning lead generation strategies for B2B businesses.

They are firmly committed to the quality of leads they generate for their clients.

Upcall has an impressive track record with over 400 prestigious clients.

Notable B2B Clients

Notable clients include Siemens, YCombinator, Coldwell Banker, Airbnb, and LG.


Starts at $3.5 to $7.5 per lead with 5 to 10 call attempts.


Upcall is headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States.

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4. Salespanel


By identifying qualified leads who visit your website, Salespanel transforms anonymous B2B sessions into comprehensive real-time lead data.

The strategy enables automated actions and facilitates the conversion of visitors into customers.

With a focus on firmographic and behavioural data, Salespanel assists in nurturing qualified accounts with personalized content, thereby optimizing the lead generation process.


This lead generation company aggregates leads from various platforms and offers a unified system for effective lead management and tracking. The tea at SalesPanel works on meticulous lead qualification so you can close the most probable leads for your B2B business.

Additionally, Salespanel ensures compliance with global regulations like GDPR and CCPA, making it a reliable choice for B2B companies aiming to generate quality leads while adhering to ethical standards.


Pricing plans start at $99 per month.

5. Belkins


Belkins is an award-winning B2B lead generation company helping businesses build consistent and predictable sales pipelines. They offer sure-shot B2B appointment settings with a high lead-to-deal potential.


The team at Belkins doesn't just help you generate leads; they assist B2B marketers in building solid relationships with high-value accounts.

By offering high-quality lead generation services at a reasonable price point, they can be an excellent addition to your sales team. With Belkins, you get 360° services and support for your outreach campaigns, so you get a consistent supply of quality leads for your B2B business.

Notable B2B Clients

Their list of clients includes names like Alectric Renewables, Bagcorp, CustomChannels, JourneyDXP, Virayo, JourneyDXP, Appruv, Pairaphrase, Yorktest, and Celerway.


Belkins is based in Delaware, United States.

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CIENCE is a popular lead-generation agency that offers a mix of B2B lead-generation tools, skills, and strategies to create predictable demand for your B2B business.

The team at CIENCE focuses on building your pipeline and process, so all your sales team needs to do is concentrate on closures.


The CIENCE team has experience creating multi-channel campaigns to construct precise sales pipelines for their B2B clients. In the last nine years, they've worked with over 2500 clients.

They use a suite of innovative tools to expedite the process of B2B lead generation.

Notable B2B Clients

Their client roster includes Premise, Lexis Nexis, USbank, Microsoft, Uber, Strike Graph, and Submittable.


CIENCE is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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6. demandDrive


demandDrive is a lead generation company that helps B2B companies drive predictable and scalable revenue.

They combine sales expertise, innovative marketing programs, custom lead-generation campaigns, and RevOps processes to deliver tailored lead-generation campaigns for B2B SaaS businesses.


The team at demandDrive has worked with over 100 sales and marketing teams to create sustainable lead-generation campaigns for their business. They work on building out an entire inside sales function so you can generate and close qualified leads efficiently and cost-effectively. Be it focused lead qualification or persistent outreach, they do it all to offer you exceptional appointment-setting services.

It's what makes them one of the top lead generation companies of 2024.

Notable B2B Clients

demandDrive's client roster includes names like WhiteHat Security, Casenet, Salesforce, and Cohesity.


demandDrive is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA.

Team Size

As of 2024, demandDrive has 154 employees.

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7. SalesRoads


SalesForce is a B2B lead generation company that helps you get uniquely qualified appointments for your business. They create fit-to-purpose lead generation programs that align with your B2B sales and marketing goals.

If you're looking to hire an external sales team that delivers results, this agency might be the perfect fit to help you generate high-quality leads for your business.


With over 16 years of experience, the team at SalesRoads helps you reach key decision-makers in less time and with less investment.

They offer industry-specific knowledge and expertise to help you get quality leads for your B2B SaaS business. Furthermore, they work on strengthening your sales operations by re-engaging missed leads and finding new, relevant sales opportunities.

Notable B2B Clients

Their notable clients include AchieveIt, Clean Energy, Captify, Copperweld, Corber, Parker, and Safecore Health.


SalesRoads has its headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida, USA.

Team Size

SalesRoads has a team of around 79 lead-generation professionals.

8. LeadGenius


If you're looking for a lead generation company that assists you in reaching your ideal buyers, you must consider LeadGenius. They use high-quality prospect data to help you achieve your ideal customers with ease and simplicity.

Moreover, the LeadGenius team helps you scale the B2B lead generation and lead qualification process to get quality prospects into your sales funnel.


LeadGenius does lead research with a human perspective. They use in-depth customer insights to help you nurture and grow your leads through a process that yields the best possible business outcomes.

Notable B2B Clients

LeadGenius's client roster includes names like Snowflake, DoorDash, Square, Signifyd, and Intercom.


LeadGenius is based in Berkeley, California, USA.

Team Size

LeadGenius has a team of 100+ employees across 35 countries.

9.  Leadium


Leadium is a lead generation company that specializes in SQL appointment setting and revenue growth for B2B businesses. The team at Leadium focuses on outbound strategy, data, content, and technology to get qualified leads for your business.


Ledium takes the business of B2B lead generation seriously by providing you with a sales infrastructure that works for your business goals. Plus, they empower your sales process with enterprise technology to scale up and measure prospective activity efficiently.

The team at Leadium works through a pre-defined process so that you can reach the right target audience and convert leads into paying customers.

Notable B2B Clients

Their client roster includes Segment, SignalWire, Veem, MedPanel, OpenEdge, and Phenwere.


Leadium is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.


Pricing plans start at $1500 per month.

Team Size

Leadium has a team of over 165 people spread across seven countries.

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10. LevelUp Leads


Are you looking to build a robust and consistent sales pipeline? LevelUp Leads is a lead-generation company that manages end-to-end outbound sales development campaigns that make appointment settings as simple as possible.

They combine email outreach, B2B LinkedIn marketing, list-building services, and exceptional copywriting to ensure you reach the right prospective key decision-makers.


The team at LevelUp Leads works as an extension of your team of sales executives, helping you convert potential customers quickly and cost-efficiently.

They implement an innovative tech stack to help you with continuous demand generation from multiple channels.

Notable B2B Clients

Their list of B2B clients includes names like Hootsuite, mycashless, Fortimize, TryNow, Veeve, and TrueLanguage.


LevelUp Leads has offices in San Francisco, California and Medellin, Colombia.


Pricing plans start at $4000 for ten monthly appointments.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing a B2B Lead Generation Agency

Choosing a befitting lead generation service is like selecting a partner for a dance marathon. You want someone who understands the rhythm of your business and moves to the same beat.

As we shuffle through these options, let's consider the key factors that ensure your lead generation agency is a step in the right direction.

  • Look for an agency that specializes in your industry. Go through a prospective agency's website to learn about their list of clients. Are they from your niche? Then, you must consider hiring this prospective agency for B2B lead generation services.
  • Assess their track record in delivering high-quality leads. Don't forget that lead quality is a significant factor when choosing a lead generation company.
  • Ensure they maintain accurate contact data to avoid wasting time on incorrect leads.
  • Seek transparency in their processes, pricing, and reporting.
  • Look for agencies that tailor their approach to your unique needs.
  • Effective communication is essential. Choose an agency that keeps you informed and collaborates closely.
  • Remember, each business has different requirements, so choose a service provider that aligns with your lead generation goals.

Advantages of Hiring a B2B Lead Generation Agency

As a B2B sales and marketing leader, are you struggling to generate high-quality leads consistently and at scale?

Enter the lead generation outsourcing: your lighthouse in the mist. B2B marketing agencies aren't just vendors but partners in your journey towards sporadic business growth.

With an in-depth understanding of the B2B landscape, they navigate through the noise to bring you closer to your most sought-after prospects.

By outsourcing lead generation, B2B companies can focus on their core competencies and ensure their pipeline is brimming with potential.

It's a strategic move to leapfrog and achieve extraordinary business outcomes.

  • A B2B lead generation company has experience and expertise in helping you build relationships with the right prospects at the right time. They have access to technology and people to execute scalable lead-generation campaigns cost-effectively.
  • A lead generation service provider allows you to run or stop campaigns based on your business requirements. The costs associated with an in-house team are fixed and often significantly higher. Hence, outsourcing lead generation can be a huge cost saver for your B2B business.
  • Agencies bring in-depth knowledge of market trends and customer behaviour. Therefore, they can create the right messaging for you to generate the best quality B2B leads for your business.
  • Hiring a lead generation partner can help you run campaigns on multiple channels simultaneously. For instance, you can use email, LinkedIn, content marketing, paid campaigns, and cold calling to get prospective customers into your funnel.
  • By hiring an external lead generation service, you automatically reduces your risk of investing in non-performing marketing strategies, as you pay only for the leads the agency generates for your business.

How TripleDart Helped SpotDraft Achieve a 400% Increase in Demo Bookings

About SpotDraft

Documentation can be mind-numbing work, especially when it comes to tedious legal documents with multiple clauses, subclauses, and so on. SpotDraft aims to solve this problem and positions itself as a provider of Contract Management Systems for legal teams.

In August 2023, SpotDraft partnered with TripleDart Digital to generate qualified leads at scale.

How TripleDart Executed Quick-Win Strategies for Better Leads

We adopted a targeted approach and focused on quick-win search campaigns. Initially, our emphasis was on BoFu (Bottom of the Funnel) campaigns. To empower these campaigns, we created well-designed landing pages and optimized them with targeted keywords. As part of the expansion strategy, we also targeted new regions, including APAC, EMEA, and NA. We recognized NA's highly competitive landscape, where ROI could be challenging. So, instead of directly competing in the region, we focused on leveraging MoFu (Middle-of-the-Funnel) content to generate leads.

We also used dynamic search ads to target downloads in the initial phases and attracted leads for MoFu content pieces such as downloadable reports, templates, and checklists. All this allowed TripleDart to efficiently navigate difficult markets and maximize B2B lead generation for SpotDraft.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

At TripleDart, we implemented strategies to enhance the quality of incoming traffic by focusing creating value-driven content. We improved the website content and refined the ad copy to increase traffic and attract higher-quality leads. We created customized landing page messages to achieve higher rates of conversions.

Strategic B2B Lead Generation

We implemented effective pipeline management strategies to scale pipeline growth, focusing on lead nurturing and conversion optimization.

Our team also focused on identifying missed opportunities and getting the ideal buyers to enter SpotDraft's sales pipeline. We expanded into new regions and implemented strategies to capture a larger market share.

The efforts proved fruitful, and TripleDart Digital helped SpotDraft achieve a 400% increase in demo bookings and scaled pipeline growth from $22,600 to $163,300.

Hire The Best B2B Lead Generation Agency—TripleDart

At TripleDart, we work as an extension of our clients' teams, aligning our B2B lead generation strategies with their specific business objectives. We don't just focus on generating short-term leads but on building a robust sales pipeline that works as a growth engine for your business.

This partnership approach and our expertise in building robust sales pipelines for B2B businesses make us one of the best lead-generation companies in the world.

We use the power of B2B content marketing, email outreach, and paid campaigns to scale your lead generation efforts and achieve the desired business outcomes. Our case studies and testimonials reflect a proven track record of reducing cost per lead and improving marketing ROI.

Are you interested in hiring as your lead generation partner? Book a free call with one of our experts today.

Key Takeaway

  • Lead generation is the lifeblood of your B2B business—if you can keep generating quality leads from your marketing campaigns, you can stay ahead of your competition.
  • Hiring a B2B lead generation agency puts the magic wand in your hands. It gives you access to experienced resources, tools, and processes to generate leads consistently and cost-effectively.
  • Finding a good lead generation company is about aligning your business goals with their skills, experience, and pricing plans—don't take this lightly because choosing the right agency can be a game-changer for your B2B business.


How much should you pay for B2B leads?

The cost of generating leads for a B2B business depends on the industry, the quality of the leads, and the acquisition channel.

For instance, industries like financial and legal services tend to have higher average costs per lead, sometimes exceeding $600. At the same time, sectors such as retail and industrial manufacturing may see averages as low as $34 and $136, respectively.

How do I generate leads for my B2B business?

B2B lead generation involves a strategic mix of inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Inbound content marketing includes publishing high-quality educational blog posts, whitepapers, and webinars addressing your target audience's needs.

Outbound strategies involve direct outreach through cold emails or LinkedIn messages tailored to resonate with the potential customers' business challenges.

How much do B2B lead generation companies charge?

Lead-generation agencies charge $2500 to $12,000 monthly for comprehensive lead-generation services.

Jayakumar Muthusamy
Jayakumar Muthusamy
Head of Content and Analytics at TripleDart Digital

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