Indian SaaS ecosystem- haven’t heard of any Indian performance marketing agencies yet?

Sreyashi Chatterjee
November 18, 2022
Indian SaaS ecosystem- haven’t heard of any Indian performance marketing agencies yet?


The Indian SaaS market has hit the apex as the third-largest SaaS ecosystem after the USA and EU. We are fond of speaking numbers! So, let’s back that claim with some stats,

  • The Indian market has emerged as an invincible ecosystem with nearly 13 SaaS unicorns in 2021 as compared to 1 until 2018
  • Indian SaaS Investments have experienced a profound increase of 170% resulting in $4.5B as of 2021.
  • At this pace, Indian SaaS companies are poised to achieve a revenue of $30billion by 2025 thereby, capturing 8-9% share in the global SaaS market.

Did we intimidate you already? Well, such alarming numbers are becoming the new normal for the Indian SaaS market!

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SaaS Playbook theory for India:

The primary contributors of the Indian SaaS pyramid include product proficiency, skilled resources and English-speaking propositions. Indian startups uniquely positioned themselves to take this untapped market in their favour. Truth be told, they have hit par excellence with their performance in the home ground! That being said, it is certain that the Indian SaaS ecosystem would achieve an elusive goal of ~30% CAGR by 2025. Touchwood!

The untapped SaaS industry has been a breath of fresh air for the Indian market. We certainly can’t overlook the fact that it has been a glorious decade for the Indian SaaS ecosystem. Despite such laurels, in the court of the SaaS industry, no two businesses can have the same rulebook.

Therefore, it definitely isn’t a cakewalk for entrepreneurs to encapsulate the learning and insights from the industry and implement it to their favour. The continuous success of the Indian SaaS industry relies solely on how we continue to innovate our products and position our brands accordingly. From Zoho and Freshworks, to Druva and Eka software, all our SaaS leaders have been THERE, done THAT! ‘That’ being the context cue for ‘Performance Marketing’!

Performance Marketing helps shine the spotlight on how to overcome even the unforeseen challenges encountered while scaling a SaaS business!!!

The art of Performance Marketing:

The door to newer opportunities also leads to compelling challenges. The quest to mitigate such challenges around the growth of a company and achieving sustainable growth is a herculean task.

To experiment this herculean task, we locked the best talent from all walks of Performance Marketing in the basement and asked them to come up with an elevator pitch describing why their area of expertise is the best to scale the Indian SaaS ecosystem. Luckily, they didn’t go hammer and tongs at it. It was in our favour, so we skipped to the good part and drafted strategies that would help scale SaaS businesses on both organic and paid channels.


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Traditional Marketers Vs Performance marketers:

Though we know that Performance Marketing is the Spine to sustain in the Indian SaaS Ecosystem, finding a performance marketer is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It is indeed a crazy hunt because the Indian SaaS market has experienced this surge only in the last decade. Apparently the traditional marketers are quite primitive and fail to grasp the rhythm of growth and marketing strategies that perfectly aligns with the new SaaS industry.

This scarcity for competent performance marketers certainly answers the question around why we haven’t heard of any SaaS performance marketing agencies yet. But wait, we definitely ‘Carpe Diem’ed our way into emerging as the first SaaS performance marketing agency in India! The sunny side is still up for the Indian SaaS market, making TripleDart Digital the best SaaS Performance Marketing Agency in our homeland.

We swell with pride while addressing our distinct talent stream as the assets of the agency. Our workforce has been handpicked from varied SaaS unicorns thus, they never stumble over the nitty-gritty of the SaaS industry. We’ve helped 35+ SaaS companies so far, and we are on a mission to form a strong marketing guild that secures the entire Indian SaaS ecosystem.

Should you be interested in working directly with some of the country’s best Performance marketers, try our pilot plan! Feel free to book some time for us to chat! – Book Here

Sreyashi Chatterjee
Sreyashi Chatterjee
Head of Content @ TripleDart. Curious about anything SaaS marketing.

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