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What Is Performance Marketing Agency?

A performance marketing company is a digital marketing agency that executes and measures performance marketing campaigns across different channels. It helps brands run online marketing programs and gets paid when they achieve a goal like a sale, a lead, or a click.    

What to look for in a performance marketing agency?

Finding it difficult to choose the best performance marketing agency? We get you! 

While digital marketing tactics helped 75% of marketers boost brand credibility and trust, when it comes to choosing the best performance marketing agency for yourself, it’s pretty tricky.

Here are a few things to look for when seeking the best performance marketing agencies.

1. Experience/ Expertise

Does the performance marketing agency have a team of specialists? Make sure the company has sufficient expertise to meet the client's expectations. They must know the right way to approach strategies, the best practices, and the snags to avoid.

2. Company culture

Company culture tells you a lot about your digital performance marketing agency. How does the agency represent itself? Is it known for its strong company culture? What do its Glassdoor reviews say? 

Gather enough info about your performance marketing agency’s culture and see if it fits what you’re looking for. 

3. Strategic approach

Does the performance marketing company use a strategic approach toward campaign execution? Do they invest enough time in understanding a client’s vision and business goals?

The top performance marketing agencies take time to understand the brand’s goals to the core. They commit to long-term wins and align their expert strategies with the business goals for the best outcome. 

4. Farsightedness

Does the performance marketing company practice forward-thinking? Is the team committed to long-term success and continuous improvement?

Look for a performance marketing agency that stays on top of the latest industry trends. The best performance marketing companies gather the latest insights, adapt to them, and take necessary risks to drive your business revenue. 

5. Thought leadership

Is the digital performance marketing agency consistently offering content like blogs, eBooks, webinars, etc.? Does their content indicate expertise and thought leadership? Do they share specific industry publications? Are they present at industry events?

The best performance marketing agencies share industry insights and thought leadership content. So, look for an SEO agency whose content adds value to prospects and existing clients. 

Key Elements in a High-Performing Marketing Plan

The best performance marketing companies build high-performing marketing plans that address customer needs at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Here are the key components of TripleDart’s high-performing marketing plan.

1. We keep customers on top priority.

High-performing marketing plans revolve around the customer. The top performance marketing agencies keep their clients in front and the center. We orient the marketing plan's goals throughout the buyer’s journey, keeping the client at the center of the plan. 

2. Focus on customer messages.

What messages to send the target buyer? Is it the right time to pitch your product/ service? 

The best performance marketing agencies, like TripleDart, think through the content they share with the target audience. As a content marketing agency, we pick highly-focused themes and convey valuable info to prospects through your content. In short, they ensure providing your target audience with the content critical to making the buying decision. 

3. Pinpoint roadblocks.

Once our performance marketing agency aligns content with all stages of the buyer’s journey, we get to the roadblocks.

What challenges are customers facing in their buyer’s journey? What are their primary objectives at each stage of the buyer’s journey? How can we help them achieve these objectives? 

As a result-driven B2B SaaS performance marketing agency, we pinpoint specific areas that need attention, highlight gaps, and identify opportunities to ensure success.

4. Pick the technology that works best.

The best digital performance marketing agency determines which technology works best for your marketing activities. First, they identify the best-fit marketing platform and a CRM. Next, they recognize the ad channels or social networks.

At TripleDart, we also identify and implement marketing tech like automation to manage internal processes, data analytics, and reporting.

5. Establish metrics.

TripleDart establishes overall funnel metrics and KPIs. We define goals in each stage to measure performance effectiveness. We develop KPIs to measure the progress of roadblocks or gaps identified. It gives a wholesome knowledge about the performance of the marketing program. 

6. Improve and Innovate.

The best performance marketing companies are innovators, and so are we. As a content marketing agency for small business, TripleDart creates strategies you haven’t implemented yet. 

For instance, if you aren’t active on social media, we include social media marketing in our plan. Or, perhaps you would like a video program for your product. 

We believe in leaving a mark. Hence, we execute marketing plans that you haven’t tried out before.

How to Measure Performance Marketing?

As a digital performance marketing agency, TripleDart establishes a few key metrics that indicate the performance marketing campaign effectiveness.

Save time


Return On Investment is a definitive metric that indicates the success of digital marketing campaigns. We track it religiously to understand the campaign results and keep improving.

Get positive results


Cost per Action is a significant and popular metric that measures performance marketing based on specific actions the target audience takes, like signing up, filling out web forms, downloading eBooks, subscribing, etc.

Save money


Cost Per Click is an important indicator of engagement. A low CPC indicates more clicks within your budget, and a high CPC means high-value conversion.

Ensure accuracy


Lifetime Value estimates the expected spending of customers based on their activity. It is measured using advanced predictive analytics tools. LTV focuses on a customer's estimated ‘lifetime value’ during their relationship with a brand.

Marketing Types in Performance Marketing Agency

Performance marketing has evolved. So, performance marketing agencies like us plan and execute campaigns for various audiences and business goals. 

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Search Engine Marketing is a vital part of performance marketing. It is all about placing paid ads on SERPs. It is very beneficial as it exposes users to highly-targeted ads for the product or services they’re looking for.

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Native ads

Native ads are better than display ads. They do not disrupt the user’s browsing experience. Instead, they ‘fit’ the webpage where they appear natively without creating hassles for the user. Brands can reach quality traffic by choosing high-quality networks for native ads.

Benefits of Performance Marketing Agency

Why should you invest in a top performance marketing agency like TripleDart? 
Because performance marketing has several benefits. Here they are:

Extends your advertising reach

Performance marketing helps build a community of website publishers promoting your products and services. These publishers or affiliates can boost your sales by reaching out to specific niches you do not have access to. 

Easy to track and measure.

Performance marketing costs are based on specific actions of the target audience. Therefore, it demands trackability to ensure that platforms and publishers get paid for the resultant action of the visitor. With user-tracking, performance marketing agencies understand what drives the most performance and how to put the best foot forward. 

Pay for specific predefined results.

In performance marketing, you need to pay for predefined results only. No upfront or ambiguous costs. Therefore, you know what you’re paying for the performance marketing agency.

Manage campaign budgets easily.

Start your campaigns with an ideal CPA with performance marketing and chalk out your budget from there. Say you want to create a budget for 100 new sales with an expected cost per sale of $10. Your budget for the performance marketing campaign would be $1000.

Frequently Asked Questions

A performance marketing agency plans and implements effective marketing campaigns across different channels to accelerate conversions. It takes care of your advertising needs and gets paid when a lead takes a specific action.

Native advertising is an example of performance marketing. In native advertising, performance marketing agencies create campaigns to achieve specific conversion goals. Here, the advertiser only pays for clicks and other conversion actions.

Performance marketing allows advertisers to see how their ad spend is utilized. It shows exactly how each ad dollar is used to ensure that the marketing campaigns are effective, with more money utilized than wasted.

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