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Do Small Businesses Need Content Marketing?

Numbers say that 66% of marketers are to increase their content marketing budget this year. A good content strategy is one of the major factors of business success.

1. Content marketing for small businesses is crucial as it helps them reach the audience most effectively and inexpensively.

2. Organic search conversion rates exceed 10% which is higher than other channels. And, you need a good content strategy to drive organic traffic. 

3. Value-added content goes a long way to building trust with existing customers and prospects. 

4. It increases lead generation and sales. Also, informative content boosts customer engagement and loyalty. Also, it delivers a high ROI. 

Small businesses can experiment with different content forms across multiple channels to power their content marketing strategy. It’ll help them gain exposure and establish themselves.

You need an ideal content marketing agency for small businesses – like TripleDart. To start building your content marketing plan, reach out!

Purpose Of Content Marketing for SaaS Start-ups

Why do SaaS start-ups need content marketing?

Because content marketing boosts brand awareness, establishes a customer base, and engages customers to drive sales and loyalty.

Creating consistent, valuable, and relevant content across platforms can help you attract a clearly defined audience and retain them in the long run.

Here are three reasons why content marketing is necessary for SaaS startups.

Save time

Google appreciates quality content.

What can make you rank higher in Google search? Great content!

Google focuses on delivering search experiences that give users what they are looking for. And quality content is the best way to offer that experience. At TripleDart SEO Agency, we offer just that!

Get positive results

Content marketing increases brand awareness.

Creating quality content makes you rank higher on Google. So, when users search for something specific related to your content, your blog shows up. Thus, your visibility increases.

Save money

Valuable content drive sales

Great content not only increases traffic but sales too. It educates prospects about the product and how it can address their problem. Also, it helps brands build relationships with the target audience so that they’re more likely to choose them over their competitors.

Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing for small businesses can prove to be a potent and cost-effective way to business growth.

Creating a strong content marketing strategy that works, requires you to:

Establish goals. Like every other marketing strategy, start your content marketing plan by establishing goals. Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) goals and plan the strategy accordingly.

Identify KPIs. Find out the key performance indicators that can tell if you’re on the right path. Your KPIs list may include;
1. Pageviews
2. Average sessions
3. Referral traffic rate
4. Conversion rates
5. Number of downloads
6. Net revenue

Pick Audience and Content channels. As a content marketing agency, TripleDart reads your content the most. Collect demographic data and create content that aligns with their goals and preferences.

Get to know who reads your content the most. Collect demographic data and create content that aligns with their goals and preferences.

Find user-oriented content ideas. Find out SaaS content ideas from the user data. Remember the pain points that your product addresses. Extract ‘discovery’ content ideas for new customers and prospects or encourage leads to act with case studies. Overall, create pain point content that can highlight your product functionalities.

Create a schedule. Avoid content overloading. Establish a schedule to maintain a consistent and moderate content flow for your readers. For instance, consider posting SEO blogs weekly – same day, same time.

A content schedule can help you;

1. Maintain consistency
2. Save your precious time and energy
3. Help create variety in content
4. Support tracking KPIs

Research demand for core keywords. To ensure that customers discover your brand, look up how they for you. Check the keyword volumes and cluster the keywords according to user intent - consideration, information, transaction, etc. 

Map content for different stages of the buyer’s journey. Plan content for prospects at different stages of the buyer’s journey - for prospects who are;

1. unaware of the problem they are facing
2. aware of the specific problem and are looking for potential solutions
3. aware of the solutions available
4. aware of your product and are in process of comparing your product with that of your competitors

Curate content and distribute. Want to create amazing content? We’re here to help you out!

Ensure creating quality content that reflects the content idea. If your content is informative and easy to understand, your readers will love it and you can see them performing well.

Track results. Within hours of publishing the content, you can check the pageviews, likes, shares, hits, impressions, and engagement. Gradually, you can find out the conversion rates, qualified leads, and changes in revenue.

With content marketing agencies for small businesses, you can easily track how well the content performs.

Improve and repeat. Consistency is the key to content marketing success. So, small businesses must publish content more frequently.

You can learn from the content performance results, tweak your strategy where needed, and restart.

Over time, you’ll get better. You can create a strong foundation of valuable content that helps your readers make more informed decisions.

Role of Content Marketing in Gaining Popularity for Small Business

Small businesses often struggle to get the spotlight. This is where content marketing enters the scene.

Experience & Performance

Content marketing for small businesses boosts your digital footprint.

Adding quality content to your website gives you more opportunities to appear in the search results.

Tracking Conversions

Establish brand identity.

When done right, content marketing builds brand identities that connect with the audience. Eventually, it boosts brand awareness and recognition.

Keyword Knowledge

Generate inbound leads.

Quality content attracts your ultimate buyers. Once you find out what your target audience wants, you can create content to attract potential customers.

Did you know that content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional marketing?

So, invest in an efficient content marketing agency for small businesses like TripleDart to maximize gains.

Tips To Craft Quality Content for Your Small Business

Looking forward to building a winning content marketing strategy?

TripleDart, as a performance marketing agency, uses a few handy tips. Get hold of these quick tips and climb the success ladder.

Tip 1: Kickstart a Blog

Blogging can boost your website traffic. Get 21 to 54 quality blogs on your website and expect a boost in traffic by 30%.

Additionally, blogs can help with; a) Gaining exposure b) Increasing SEO rankings c) Generating leads and conversion possibilities d) Delivering value to customers

Tip 2: Send email Newsletters

Newsletters work well for small businesses. Send them via email and alert your readers about the upcoming launches, events, blogs, industry-related news, or other noteworthy happenings.

Email newsletters can boost your ROI besides; a) Promoting deals, new releases, coupons, and sales b) Increasing customer value c) Create goodwill

Tip 3: Create a content calendar

Create monthly content calendars to organize the content creation process. Include the content type, publishing day, and other details on whatever you would create for the month.

A content calendar also allows your readers to get accustomed to your content schedule. Eventually, you can build trust and familiarity with your readers.

Tip 4: Show off testimonials and reviews

Customers turn to online channels for reviews when looking for local services. That means if you are a small business, reviews drive your sales.

So, show off what customers say about you. Create customer testimonials, success stories, and social media posts to promote your brand.

Tip 5: Create content diversity

When it’s competitive, stand out with creativity. Experiment with different content types. Dive deeper to find out what works well for the audience.

Be creative and do not limit the type of content you create. Build blogs, infographics, whitepapers, success stories, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Content marketing for small businesses can help them gain familiarity. The right content promotes brand awareness, establishes expertise, and drives organic traffic to your website. A well-planned content strategy can generate qualified leads, resulting in higher conversions and better ROI.

Small businesses create a content marketing plan to attar, engage, and retain their target audience. The marketing plan involves creating relevant, informative content and sharing them consistently across multiple channels. The content may include SEO blogs, videos, podcasts, and other forms.

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