Top 10 Google Ads Custom Columns I can't live without

Shiyam Sunder
Shiyam Sunder
Top 10 Google Ads Custom Columns I can't live without


Undoubtedly custom columns are one of the best releases from G-ads. But I have seen adoption among PPCers is less for this feature. 

For example, instead of reviewing all your CTRs in one column, you could create a custom column that would display your “desktop CTRs” and “mobile CTRs” only. 

Here are some quick tips on how to use it efficiently.

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Maximum estimated impressions 

Formula = impressions / impression share

You can use the impression share metric in conjunction with the impressions metric to calculate the maximum number of impressions you could have received if your budget and ad rank were sufficiently high.

Maximum estimated cost 

Formula = ((impressions / impression share) * CTR) * (average CPC / impression share)

See the performance of the account with 100% impression share

By multiplying your new CPC by your new clicks, you can work out how much your cost would go up by achieving a 100% impression share

Maximum estimated conversions 

Formula = ((impressions / impression share) * CTR) * Conv. Rate

You can work out how many more conversions you would get by calculating the number of clicks you would receive and then multiplying it by your current conversion rate.

Predicted Spend 

Formula =(Cost / day(today())) *day(offset_days(offset_months(month_start(), 1), -1))

This column is useful for judging the pacing of monthly spending. It takes the current spend divided by the number of days past in the month, times the number of days left in the month.

Percentage of daily budget spent 

Formula = ((Cost / report_days_count()) / Daily_Budget)

This is great for identifying underspending or overspending campaigns, allowing you to adjust bid strategy targets or reallocate budgets to other campaigns.

Conversion trends (last 7 days vs. last 30 days)  

Formula = (((Conversions.date_range(last_7_days) / 7) / (Conversions.date_range(last_30_days) / 30)) – 1)

This gives you the ability to see which direction a metric is trending and whether you need to take action to improve performance or capitalize on an opportunity.

Estimated CPA at 100% impression share = Maximum estimated CPA = (((impressions / impression share) * CTR) * (average CPC / impression)) / (((impressions / impression share) * CTR) * Conv. Rate)

Here’s how you’d calculate your account’s estimated CPA and ROAS if you tried to achieve a 100 percent impression share.

Actual ROAS

Formula = (Conv Value/Cost)

Google Ads does not have a ROAS column that you can fire up out of the gate. You can show ROAS as a percentage.

Lost Due to Budget 

Formula = if(or(Search_Lost_IS_budget > 0, Display_Lost_IS_budget > 0), "impr limited by budget", "No lost impr share due to budget")

Offline conversions MQL 

Formula = Conversions: Hubspot-MQLs + Conversions: Hubspot Opportunities.

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