Marketing strategy document at Kin

A strategic document I created to communicate the importance of growth, marketing, and branding at Kin and how our projects work together to promote the product.

Yngvi (Y.K.) Karlson
Co-Founder & CGO @

Marketing Strategy Document at Kin

Company Strategic Plan

Company purpose: 🌟To help individuals navigate their lives through a trusted personal AI.

Scoped Mission

What if 10,000 people could have the world’s smartest, most ethical, and private, personal AI right by their fingertips?

Marketing Mission

Ensure great distribution of Kin and help “Product” identify/validate a sustainable growth engine.

3 Guiding Principles

  • Test and Learn growth mindset
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Stay on brand and on values

3 returning problems

1. The comment “I don’t care about privacy”

Privacy concerns is an emotional reaction than occurs when experiencing vulnerabilities. Just imagine seeing a collegue browsing through your phone. It’s more about digital intimacy and vulnerability than it is privacy. We need to make people experience the emotions to get them to value privacy.

2. Future is non-obvious

The concept of owning data and getting value from it is extremely difficult to comprehend.

3. "I don't need an assistant"

Very few people have tried having a personal assistant, so they don’t really know what to use it for.

High-level Roadmap

Racecar Growth Framework

Racecar growth framework

The 3 Mission Objectives

Mission objectives

The 5 Key Results for success

Success metrics

success metrics

The 4 Projects to make it happen

4 projects

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