Digital media plan at Filmustage

This is a Digital Media Plan I created while doing User Acquisition at B2B SaaS Platform Filmustage. This file can be helpful for all Acquisition Teams as it shows the forecasting and also the results with different breakdowns such as client types, platforms, etc.

Alexander Bobko
Head of Marketing at Freelance Previously Filmustage , BORZO, MAPS.ME

The initial goal of this document was to consolidate all marketing expenses in one place. As a B2B SaaS company, it's essential for us to grow and invest in digital marketing.

Each month, we create a comprehensive plan that includes all main campaigns, both ongoing and experimental. Every campaign is accompanied by a forecast detailing our objectives, the target client type, and the platforms to be used. This approach ensures alignment, as each experiment is clearly defined with its specific goals.

The plan assists the entire Marketing team in consistently considering key questions for all experiments:- Who is my audience?- What do I want to achieve?If the Manager (or anyone who owns the experiment) can answer these questions and demonstrate that the experiment is worthwhile and aligned with the overall strategy, it is then included in the Media Plan. The main challenge was forecasting potential results, as it’s often not so obvious. However, after a few iterations, the method has become clearer.

We always have some ongoing campaigns whose performance has been demonstrated and can be quite accurately forecasted. The goal of the experiments is to discover new scalable ways to grow, with the main KPI being the LTV/CAC ratio. If the ratio is at least 1x, it indicates a good opportunity to invest more and optimize the campaign.

The budget allocation is based on the amount of data we need to gather in order to draw conclusions about an experiment.

This plan has helped keep all initiatives under control and has made navigating marketing expenditures easier. Apart from that, it has also established discipline around experiments. Additionally, it aided in prioritizing user acquisition experiments, allowing the team to focus on those that offer the greatest potential value.

The next step for improvement was to create a database of the experiments we've conducted so that all new team members can easily navigate through them.

Looking back, I would also consider a more dynamic approach to budget allocation, allowing for quicker reallocation of resources to high-performing campaigns. Sometimes you can find at the beginning the things are not going well and it makes no sense to continue.

I would suggest other B2B SaaS companies to deeply understanding your target audience. Tailor your content and channel strategy to where your audience spends their time and what kind of messaging resonates with them Also, start small and scale: begin with a smaller, focused campaign. Use the insights gained to scale your efforts systematically.

Digital media plan at Filmustage

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