Paid Advertising Structure for B2B Startups

This Notion documentation creates alignment on subchannels and campaign structures between me and my startup clients.

Ruben Lozano
Remote Freelance Growth Marketing Executer at Self Employed

Paid Advertising Structure

Paid Advertising Channel can be divided into multiple paid sub-channels like:

Paid Search: ads in search engines like Google or Bing.

Paid Search

Paid Social: ads in social platforms like Linkedin or Twitter.

Paid Social

Paid Display: ads in placements like blogs or website offered by Google.

Paid Display

Paid Content: ads in placements like blogs or websites offered by Taboola.

Paid Content

Paid Newsletter: ads in newsletters.

Paid Newsletter

Paid Directory: ads in directories like G2 or Gartner Digital Markets.

Paid Community: ads in communities like ProductHunt.

Paid Community

Paid Marketplace: ads in marketplaces like NachoNacho or ProductHunt.

Paid Marketplace

Paid Partnership: ads in partnership websites like NachoNacho or Startup Stack.

Paid Video: ads in video platforms like Youtube.

Paid Video

Paid Discovery: ads in placements considered discovery like Google.

Paid Others: ads not included in other sub-channels above.

We cannot forget that ads are just links on external placements that point out to our website.

Paid Advertising Structure

Paid Advertising Structure

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