Content marketing project brief outline at Dynamo

This initial content marketing brief allowed us to quickly set our team up for success by clearly communicating a price quote and timeline with potential vendors.

Yam Regev
Global Marketing Advisor at Freelance Previously yad2, Eden Gallery, FINQ


Before reading our Project Brief Outline, we first want to state our ask from you 🙂

Our mindset is clear - Organic demand gen is one of our core growth engines while Earned and Owned content are its pillars. We are looking for someone who has been there and done that before with proven past success experience in generating demand by creating a content growth machine in a reasonable unit economics.

This is why we want the below two items to be answered before we set an intro/kickoff meeting. Based on your ballpark answers, we will be able to better examine the match between the two companies.

  1. Get an initial price quote - We ask for a range of prices. Pls don't feel obligated to the exact number at this stage.
  2. Get a timeline overview based on milestones - We ask for a general project overview that is composed of core items/activities from kickoff through set up to MQLs gen. This should only be estimated at this stage.


Dynamo’s goal is to make teammates (the “Adams”) and team leaders (the “Nogas”) of social and community teams to work less time and bring more business value to their organizations. The Dynamo10x platform has been operating since 2021. Till today millions of interactions were streamed from Dynamo’s customers to millions of their users, automatically, while bringing the social media efforts to optimized outcomes.

Dynamo is the 3rd startup by the same two co-founders (Orr Kowarsky and Nim Bar-Levin), and as always - they started with the product, and with proving its value, and (only) then - started investing in the “package” - marketing (& Sales).

Today Dynamo is looking to expand its customer base, and one of the first marketing activities that will be undertaken are Earned and Owned content marketing

Project owner and main POC - Nim Bar-Levin

Project advisor - Yam Regev


Increase Dynamo’s organic demand gen efforts by building Earned (70% of the effort) and Owned (30% of the effort) content machines


Create a Content Marketing Strategy that will comprise External and Internal Editorial calendars. Both activities must be SEO-friendly and reflect our ICP’s needs, motivations and journey as the end goal is to convert them into MQLs.

This effort should be kicked off immediately as we plan to launch by June 22nd. It means that the contract, research, reach outs copy, ~4 external approved articles, and 3 owned blog articles should be ready by then.

Supportive Assets

  1. ICP + User persona REV (Links)
  2. User Journey (Link)
  3. Product Pillars (Link)
  4. Marketing GANTT (Link)



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