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Top 15 SaaS SEO Software That is Every Marketer's First Choice

Jayakumar Muthusamy
Mar 21, 2023
Top 15 SaaS SEO Software That is Every Marketer's First Choice


Want to build your ultimate SEO tech stack to effortlessly manage your SEO campaign?

Often marketers spend weeks and even months trying to build that perfect tech stack for SEO success. But almost each of them makes one mistake- getting carried away with them! What does that mean?

Marketers get lured by the abundance of resources available to them and end up with many SEO tools. They do not assess the business need and build a complex tech stack that doesn’t complement each other or business goals. Moreover, they are not compatible with each other. Marketers purchase these and end up wasting resources on inefficient tech stack. Their tech stack becomes confusing and they miss out on the functionality of the tools.

But for SaaS, it becomes more difficult. How?

SaaS SEO is different from regular SEO since there is high competition for TOFT keywords, meaning that companies can not even reach the audience to build awareness in the first stage. Moreover, with so many emerging SaaS tools, each business needs proper planning and SaaS SEO strategy to build a seamless SEO tech stack. 

Ultimate solution? Invest in worthy SaaS SEO tools!

Marketers always recommend SaaS companies handpick the best tools for seo for saas. It has three benefits: 

  • Scaling your SEO efforts becomes easier with automation and additional assistance from B2B SEO tools.
  • Internal teams can focus on high-value tasks instead of spending hours on abundant data. 
  • Top-rated SEO platforms for SaaS can address complexities and tough competition seamlessly, reducing burnout for marketers. 

So, In today’s blog, we will cover the best rated seo platform for saas- the top 15 SEO SaaS software that every marketer swears by. We will cover the core functionality to address and tips to pick the right tools for SEO success. 

Top 4 SEO Features Critical For SEO Success  

There are hundreds of SEO tools out there that offer various functions. Each tool generally caters to one core function and offers others as an add-on. Of all the features these tools provide, here are 4 critical SEO tasks or features you must look for while building your tech stack.

1. Keyword Analysis- Keywords are crucial for SEO. They are the words or phrases that the people are searching for and that your company needs to address to tap traffic. Your tech stack must have a tool for keyword analysis which helps in tapping the most searched keywords, keywords your competitors rank for, and other relevant information about them. You should get data about the cost per click for each keyword, keywords you rank for, and all the data that aids in keyword selection for your business. 

2. Rank Trafficking- Checking the rank of your webpage is critical to optimize the current SEO efforts. You should be able to track the pages that rank, which pages need little tweaks to jump on SERPs, the reason for ranking, and more. Each business aims to rank on SERPs to capture a maximum audience. Hence, it is critical to keep an eye on pieces that are working and reverse engineer the success of other pages lagging. The core focus is to show keywords that rank for a domain, the number of keywords for which a web page ranks, and other critical data on ranking factors. 

3. On-Page Optimization- One of the tools in your tech stack must address the on-page optimization for your website. This will include all the last-minute technicalities like meta descriptions, keyword density, etc. that need your attention to enhance SEO ranking. Many other factors like headings and web page formatting affect SEO ranking. Opting for a tool that offers on-page optimization will ease your job of looking into the nitty and gritty before hitting the publish button. It will act as your guiding tool, or more like a before-publish checklist to ensure SEO optimization.

4. Competition Analysis- Keeping an eye on your competitors means having an edge over them and being prepared in advance. Just like you perform SWOT analysis in business, you must do it for your SEO efforts. You must identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then, with the help of a competitor analysis tool, track all the opportunities and threats. This will include performing backlink analysis, authority analysis, etc. You must know what is bringing success for them and how you can optimize to achieve better results. 

Marketer's Top 15 SEO Tools For SaaS

Each marketer shall spend time understanding the business needs and outlining SEO goals before picking on tools. This will ensure maximum ROI and a streamlined SEO tech stack. All the tools have been categorized based on the core functionality:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Content Writing and LSI

Keyword Research Tools 

Keyword research tools provide you with a list of words and phrases that your business can rank for or your competitors rank for. This helps marketers formulate the content strategy and get insights into customer queries. It helps them to understand customer search intent to provide valuable content and resources to attract, engage, and convert an audience. 

Google Keyword Planner 


Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool for advertisers. It can further be used to find keywords for content too. You just need to sign up and you will get recommendations for relevant keywords based on your product. 

  • Provides trend graphs to know which keyword is trending and which has higher search traffic
  • Gives bid estimates to help advertisers with an advertising budget
  • Store all the relevant data till you launch the campaign 

Does Google keyword Planner have an API?

Yes, Google provides API options with standard and basic access but it is limited. It includes generating keyword ideas, Ad themes, forecasts, and historical metrics. 

How much does Google Keyword Planner cost?

It is free to use, you only need an account on Google Ads

Pros Cons
Data availability for up to 4 years Limited filters
Get keyword ideas from URL
Put 3 primary keywords for more suggestions
Hyperlocal search volume



SEMrush is a comprehensive tool with over 17 different SEO functions and dedicated tools for each. Some of them are keyword research, on-page SEO, content marketing, local SEO, competitor analysis, content marketing analysis, etc. with a total of 50+ tools for marketers. All of these dedicated tools cover:

  • SEO
  • Content 
  • Market Research
  • Advertising 
  • Social Media 

Does SEMrush have an API?

SEMrush does offer API services with data available since 2012, which is easy to integrate within your internal team tools. You can contact their representatives and get started on it.

How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush does offer a free trial and has packages ranging from $119- $449 to cater to different business needs. They also have a 100% refund policy on cancellation within 7 days.

Pros Cons
Organic search plus PPC data Limit of one user per account
Search intent accuracy Only applicable for Google
CRM-style tools Expensive



Ahrefs is another comprehensive SEO tool offering vast SEO services ranging from a dedicated dashboard to other functionalities. 

  • Dashboard- track SEO performance with a high-level view 
  • Site Explorer- competitor analysis 
  • Keyword Explorer- keyword ideas from industries leading database
  • Site Audit- highlight issues with website SEO
  • Rank Tracker- track progress
  • Content Explorer- content ideas and link building opportunities

Does Ahrefs have an API?

Ahrefs offers API services with three different plans and other integration options. One simply has to be a paid member to access the API.

How much does Ahrefs cost?

They have pricing plans starting from $99 and going up to $999, targeting different audiences for each package. 

Pros Cons
Easy to use No free trial
Applicable on multiple platforms: Amazon,YouTube Limited reporting
Many functionalities Weak customer support
--Not mobile friendly

Keywords Everywhere


Keyword Everywhere enables keyword research with a simple add-on installation. It provides information about

  • Search Volume
  • Trend Data
  • Cost Per Click
  • Competition
  • People Also Search 
  • Traffic Metrics for the Website

Does Keywords Everywhere have an API?

Yes, Keyword Everywhere has an API option which enables teams to integrate it into their systems.

How much do Keywords Everywhere cost?

It starts with a freemium model and has packages ranging from $10 to $1000. The difference between these packages is the number of keyword searches.

Pros Cons
Applicable across various platforms Email support only
Price Weird credit system which can exhaust money and resources
Ease of Use--
Customer Support--

Answer The Public


Answer The Public offers raw search data to better understand customers. It helps with content ideas by providing autofill options on Google. It gives a sneak peek into what people are searching for to provide content ideas and streamline the process. 

Does Answer The Public have an API?

No, it doesn’t have API options.

How much does Answer The Public cost?

Answer The Public has one free search per day and packages start from $9 to $199. 

Pros Cons
Get unlimited content ideas Limited free searches
Visual representation Limited data
Raw Google search insights Lacks accuracy

On-Page optimization Tools 

On-page optimization tools help in improving the SERP ranking with minor tweaks once the content creation completes. It aims at optimizing the web page before publishing to enhance ranking. This includes elements like meta description, headings, web page structure, keyword density, etc. A dedicated tool will save you hours of optimization and highlight all the possible changes. 

Yoast SEO 


Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimise your website's content and keywords to increase its search engine positioning. Yoast SEO works heavily on automation and provides cues for on-page optimization. It continuously brings in more features with the 3 most recent ones:

  • Schema Integration
  • Front-end SEO Inspector (Beta)
  • Inclusive Language Analysis (Beta)

Does Yoast SEO have an API?

It has an API available for free and paid versions both. 

How much does Yoast SEO cost?

It is free of cost and has a premium version for $99/ year. 

Pros Cons
Easy to use Poor intent understanding
Accessible Poor integration
Right keywords --

Moz Pro


Moz is an all-in-one SEO tool including

  • Keyword research- target keywords, accurate search volume and difficulty data
  • Rank Checking- track keywords that rank and get a dedicated search visibility score
  • Audit Sites- Highlights issues while crawling website 
  • On-page Optimization- gives recommendations for optimizing web pages and custom content ideas 
  • Linking Opportunities- get accurate information on page authority, domain authority, spam score to get an edge over competitors
  • Reporting Options- custom pdf format reports with automation options too

Does Moz Pro have an API?

Mozscape is the API offered by Moz, giving access to link metrics based on trillions of websites.

How much does Moz Pro cost?

It offers a 30-day trial with packages starting from $99 to $599. This further goes to the custom enterprise package as well. 

Pros Cons
Multiple functionalities Complex
All the features offered are performed with excellence Expensive
-- Poor interface and navigation

Screaming Frog


Screaming Frog is an SEO audit tool to highlight issues like

  • Broken links
  • Redirects
  • Page titles and meta descriptions
  • Duplicate content
  • Site architecture 

Additionally, one can extract data, review robots, and generate XML sitemaps. 

Does Screaming Frog have an API?

It does have an API option available to automate the URL inspection with a limit of 2000 URLs.

How much does Screaming Frog cost?

They have a paid and free version, where the free version is limited to 500 URL crawling and the paid version costs $199/ year.

Pros Cons
Scan numberless URLs at the same time to identify inefficiencies Only excel format report is available
Quick Expensive
Variety of information with each URL scan Needs UI/IX improvement
API is useful --
Advanced search & extraction feature --
Robust customer support --

Link Building Tools 

Link building is critical to rank and get more visibility. More links mean Google identifies your webpage as authoritative and trustworthy. Each business must identify link-building opportunities to build its domain authority and improve rankings. A dedicated link-building tool automates the process of outreach by creating prospect lists, building workflows to streamline, integrating with Google Search Console, and monitoring progress. 



Majestic is the best platform for seo for saas when it comes to link building. It shows metrics like trust flow and citation flow to reflect the quality and quantity of URLs linking back. It provides:

  • Various metrics like topical trust flow, flow metric scores, etc.
  • Competitive edge by getting link-building opportunities
  • Filters to categorize based on topic, quality, language, etc.

Does Majestic have an API?

It has an industry-leading API to facilitate backlink data for relevant use cases at a charge of $399/ month.

How much does Majestic cost?

It has packages starting from $49/ month and going to $99/ month, each limited to one user.

Pros Cons
API data with 100 million units Limited to one user
Continuously updates Solely focus on backlinks

Ahrefs and Moz Backlink Checker

Ahrefs and Moz also provide backlink checkers with the largest index of backlinks. 


Ahrefs focuses on page-level metrics with an index of 404 billion (updated every 15 minutes). It tracks growth and gives a proper breakdown of the target backlink profile. Moreover, it provides domain-wide metrics such as DR, referring domains, linked domains, etc. for the target profile. Users get an in-depth backlink analysis.  


Moz focuses on a comprehensive analysis of the desired URL, with an index of 40.7 trillion backlinks. Marketers can access information about page authority and domain authority with proper competitor backlink profiles. It also highlights inefficiencies such as broken links and spam scores to discover more linking opportunities and analyze the top-performing content.

Analytics and Reporting Tools 

Analytics and reporting tools are critical in SEO to analyze the progress and fix any inefficiencies. They help in showing what's working and what can be improved. This includes current rankings, traffic, keywords that the business ranks for, etc. Basically, they give an overview of SEO performance.

Google Analytics


Google analytics is a google product to offer analytics about your online business for free. It offers insight into your website, app users, website content, etc. In collaboration with Google’s other products, you can use these analytics for a better customer experience. 

Does Google Analytics have an API?

Yes, Google Analytics does provide API options for accessing metric expressions and built-in plus combinations. 

How much does Google Analytics cost?

It’s free!

Pros Cons
Free Needs learning
Easy to use Limited Use
Exceptional reports and web analytics Non-compliance with EU data protection law
In-depth data Lack of customer support
Regular updates Missing actionable insights
Traffic source and data --

HubSpot Marketing Analytics


HubSpot marketing analytics and dashboard software offers the ultimate solution for tracking marketing campaigns’ performance via a single channel. Users get analytics, reports, and a dedicated dashboard. It presents all the data in a visual format and helps in making data-driven decisions. The core features are:

  • Lead Management 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Email and Online Marketing
  • Platform and Infrastructure 
  • Reporting and Analytics

Does HubSpot Marketing Analytics have an API?

Yes, HubSpot Marketing Analytics has an API for exporting the data from HubSpot. It enables you to integrate your CRM with HubSpot reporting data. 

How much does HubSpot Marketing Analytics cost?

It has a frail trial along with 2 packages- Business {$800/ month} and enterprise {$3600/ month}. It has an additional starter package for $49/ month as well. 

Pros Cons
Centralized contact management Limited quantity
A complete suite for management Pricing

Content Writing and LSI Tools 

Content writing is a critical part of SEO as it is the core part that drives the audience towards the website. Companies focus on providing quality content to attract and convert their prospects. A dedicated SEO tool will help to optimize the content for SEO. Contrarily, LSI tools provide a list of keywords that are related to core keywords semantically. All of this together boosts SEO efficiency.



Clearscope is the ultimate solution to bring content and SEO to the same page. It aims at optimizing content beyond basic SaaS technical SEO rules, by making it more relevant and valuable to readers. It can be easily integrated with Google Docs or WordPress plugins.

Does Clearscope have an API?

It has an API for content optimization to integrate with your existing tech stack. 

How much does Clearscope cost?

It has a package starting at $170/ month with 1 user and 10 content reports. Other than that they offer custom packages for businesses and enterprises. 

Pros Cons
Content optimization Poor interface
SEO research Pricey
AI writing Bugs
Semantic SEO --
Natural language processing --



SurferSEO is an SEO tool to help you achieve an SEO workflow. It offers features such as:

  • Content Editor- Optimize content for SEO with the help of suggestions 
  • Keyword Research- Create an optimized content strategy for your business
  • Audit- Crawl existing content to optimize them for SEO

In addition to these, it has other free features like AI outline generator and keyword surfer extension. 

Does SurferSEO have an API?

SurferSEO does offer an API for packages starting from $ 199/month. It will help in automating query generation without dashboard access. 

How much does SurferSEO cost?

It has a free 7-day money-back guarantee and then packages starting from $49/ month (120 articles/ year and 240 pages/ year limit). This can go up to $199/ month or custom enterprise packages. 

Pros Cons
Customer service is quick and helpful Confusing interface
Chrome extension available Costly

Finding The Top Seo Tool For Saas Business 

Finding the right SEO tool for your business is not just about picking the tool with maximum functionality. You have to consider many factors and choose the tools that fit right with your existing tech stack and support your SEO goals. Here are 7 tips for you to help you find the apt SEO tool to achieve your SEO goals.

1. Get A Product Demo First!- Do not purchase the most lucrative product in the market. If you are investing money, then you must try out the product beforehand. This will help you explore more functionalities and identify any loopholes. Moreover, you will have a clear understanding of the product's functionality. Most of the products come with free trial versions, while some offer custom trials. With a trial period, you get the opportunity to get your hands on the product in real-time. 

2. Avoid Repetitive Tools- Many SEO tools have common features, for example, competitor research or site auditing. The team should avoid picking tools that have similar features with minimal differences. Instead, they should spend time analyzing the features of each tool beforehand and pick the best-suited one. Marketers should pick the tools with streamlined features and save money on tools with repetitive features.

3. Choose Tools Based On Business Specifications and Needs- A tool that your competitor swears by doesn’t have to be your ultimate solution. Each tool brings different results for different teams based on their usage and SEO goals. A company aiming to find SEO tools for eliminating SEO bottlenecks will use Google Analytics differently than a company aiming to experiment with SEO. One should closely understand the business needs and SEO goals for picking the appropriate tool. 

4. Check Compatibility and Customization Options- Each tool that you invest in will not be flexible enough to become part of the existing tech stack. You must look into the customization options and analyze if they will seamlessly work with existing tools. Nonetheless, the best SEO tool for SaaS does come with integration and customization options. They effortlessly work along with top SEO tools, eliminating any friction. 

5. Opt For Reporting Facilities- Your SEO tool must offer reporting facilities to track the progress of each campaign. In absence of tracking options, companies might lose track and end up with stagnant SEO performance. Check for the metrics offered by each tool and leverage them smartly to fix bottlenecks and transcend SEO growth. Normally, some of the best SaaS SEO platforms offer a dedicated dashboard to the managers for easy reporting. 

6. Pick Easy-To-Use Interface- Each tool that you invest in, must make your job easy and not complicate tasks further. Having an easy-to-use interface is critical to seamlessly hover from one section to the next and explore the tool to the fullest. Easy-to-use interface means a simple tool with proper sections and labels. It should not be difficult to find the desired page or use a specific function. 

7. Inspect Support System Offered- The tool that you invest in must have a proper team for technical support. You don’t want to a few weeks or months in using it, you face technical issues and regret investing in the product. Always check the support team facilities available along with the product- How prompt they are, how useful they are, etc. Read online reviews and get in touch with their team beforehand. 

Want Guaranteed SEO Success? 

If you are trying to find the perfect tool for your business that guarantees SEO success, then you might never be able to find one. Each tool has some loopholes, and some shortcomings, which you will have to address based on your business needs.

But, if your goal is to find a team of SEO specialists or a dedicated SaaS SEO agency that understands and involves with your business to achieve strategic SEO success? Then, our team at TripleDart will collaborate with your team to help you reach your target audience with effective SEO implementation. We will help you achieve your SEO goals and beyond. 

Our previous clients got visible results with month-on-month growth. How do we do it? By leveraging top-rated tools for SEO and deploying long-term strategies, we deliver immediate results with revenue-focused growth! 

Book a call today to join 70+ successful SaaS companies on the journey of SEO success.

Jayakumar Muthusamy
Head of Content and Analytics at TripleDart Digital
Jayakumar Muthusamy

Jayakumar Muthusamy

Head of Content and Analytics at TripleDart Digital

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