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B2B Lead Generation Agency

Jayakumar Muthusamy
Dec 20, 2022
B2B Lead Generation Agency


Just a wild guess—

You manage a business that has been thriving due to referrals and repeat customers. But your objective is to expand your business. And this necessitates investigating new lead generation methods.

Are we right?

If so, you must construct a reliable pipeline. To attract new consumers, you may either establish an internal sales force or outsource the task to saas lead generation businesses.

The industry for b2b lead generation solutions is thriving; therefore, there is a sufficient number of providers. The only issue is locating the correct one among the others.

Fortunately, in this article, you'll find:

  • What is a B2B Lead generation agency
  • What do B2B lead generation firms offer?
  • What are the benefits of B2B lead generation services? 
  • How to choose the B2B lead generation service provider
  • Best saas lead generation companies

What is a B2B Lead generation agency?

B2B organizations can utilize lead generation agencies' expertise in generating sales leads to establish new prospects. Posts on social media platforms, blog entries, and search engine optimization are some examples of lead-generation strategies (search engine optimization).

The creation of leads serves as the initial stage of the buyer's journey and is intended to direct potential customers through the sales funnel in order to make a purchase. Leads are first captured (their names and contact information are gathered) in the first step of the B2B lead generation process, which is followed by the leads being fed into the sales funnel (i.e., an email nurturing campaign).

These types of agencies focus specifically on sales development and employ dedicated teams of professionals to generate leads for their clients. These companies will likely analyze your company and everything that affects B2B sales and marketing. After this, they will develop detailed buyer persona profiles and advise you on the best channels for outreach based on your target demographic. The ultimate objective is to increase the size of their client's sales funnels.

There is a wide range of variety in both the services that agencies provide and how they do so. Some agencies may do all the work necessary to generate a list of leads for customer acquisition and then pass them on to you for the closing, while others may offer to close for you as well.

What do B2B lead generation firms offer?

The production of leads is typically a sensible and temporary answer for rapid expansion. A lead generation agency or a performance marketing agency will do work to expedite the delivery of leads to your sales team. A saas lead generation agency will purchase many advertisements and drive traffic to your landing pages to collect information from site visitors and provide qualified sales leads. This can provide you with a head start right away, giving you an advantage.

A company that generates leads will primarily emphasize the various types of leads it is gathering. They will frequently contact prospects to manually verify, categorize, or qualify them before passing them off to your sales team. This ensures that all that is required is a follow-up or a targeted pitch from your sales team.

Here's what a top b2b lead generation agency does for your brand:

Campaign creation

These companies generate the necessary leads for you by developing specific and well-targeted campaigns. They work together to develop inbound marketing campaigns, which contribute to the creation of additional business opportunities.

Data compilation

Initially, it gathers information about the company and the customers so that it may later provide it to the client. In most cases, they will utilize a variety of criteria in order to sort the data based on that.

CRM integration

The customer relationship management software includes the produced leads. Software packages such as Zoho,,, Sugar CRM, and others fall under this category.

Lead signup

These businesses encourage people to sign up for their mailing lists on their websites using a contact form in order to generate leads. These kinds of companies have a significant footprint. They just use this reach to put your firm in contact with the appropriate demographic.

Account management

Any organization that generates leads can handle all of the lead management work for you. This involves activities such as the scheduling of appointments and the screening of leads.

Lead nurturing

These businesses put much effort into developing the leads that they have. In parallel, marketing strategies are implemented to facilitate the identification of leads with sufficient qualifications.

What are the benefits of B2B Lead Generation Services? 

You understand that leads are crucial to the success of your business. But precisely how can lead-generating aid your business? Here are nine reasons why you should prioritize saas lead generation.

Eliminate or reduce cold calling and emailing

Why continue to use inefficient outbound strategies like cold phoning and emailing when you already have hot prospects pouring in? Your salespeople will have more time due to this, allowing them to concentrate on completing more deals with prospects who already know they want their product.

Increase brand awareness

The number of people within your target market familiar with your brand is referred to as its brand awareness. When more people are familiar with your brand, your reputation will improve, and both your potential for making a profit and your overall brand worth will increase.

B2B Lead Generation campaigns make it such that when a consumer needs to make a purchase that is relevant to your product or service, they immediately think of your organization. Lead generation involves educating and informing members of your target market about your company's product and the benefits it offers.

Is a cost-effective method

The production of leads through digital marketing can often be accomplished at a meager cost. You can exercise control over your spending and direct your efforts on the demographics of your ideal customer.

In most cases, the cost per lead is proportional to the level of effort involved in getting the lead. When there are fewer barriers to entry, prices tend to be cheaper. In general, leads with a higher quality result in higher conversion rates.

You can obtain leads of a high-quality thanks to the fact that digital marketing enables you to zero in on particular subsets of prospective clients whom you believe to be pertinent to your business. These leads have a good potential to become actual purchases in the end.

When compared to other conventional methods, the cost of acquiring each lead via online lead generation campaigns is far lower overall.

Helps generate quality leads

Leads of high quality are essential to the success of any organization. You can have as much traffic as you want, but you need to pull in prospective customers who are prepared to buy what you're offering to turn a profit from what you're doing.

One of the primary advantages of B2B Lead Generation is that it enables you to focus your marketing efforts on a select group of end users. You are allowed to target only those clients who, in your opinion, are important to your business.

You will obtain leads that are highly pertinent to your company if these consumers respond to your campaign and choose to interact with your brand. You will then be able to exert more influence over them through the many channels at your disposal, resulting in quicker conversions.

Helps save your time

The industry is filled with cutthroat competitors, and the annual sales quotas will only increase from here on out. You need to make sure that your salespeople are not wasting a significant amount of their time hunting for new leads in the market. Instead, they should be meeting new prospects and working towards closing agreements in order to make the most efficient use of their time.

Your future consumers are the focus of online b2b lead generation, and it does so depending on the guidelines you establish. Additionally, it works independently to find fresh leads for your brand. Your sales team will have more time to devote to finding new prospects. They should put this time to better use by following up on the leads and converting those leads into paying clients instead.

Gather more customer reviews

When it comes to successfully converting leads into paying clients, social proof is the single most crucial factor. And a review from a previous customer is by far the most credible source of this information.

But these do not always come to you without any effort on your part (even when your product or service is excellent). Therefore, it is in your best financial interest to ask your clients for testimonials and evaluations.

After that, you may utilize this information in your marketing assets, such as on your website, in emails, in videos, in postings on social media platforms, and in infographics.

Enables tracking results and measuring performance

You can follow all of the results and evaluate the performance of your online lead generation efforts, which is one of the primary advantages of generating leads using digital marketing instead of traditional methods. You will have access to all of the data necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis and arrive at an educated conclusion regarding the successful and unsuccessful strategies.

This will assist you in improving the effectiveness of your campaigns. You will also be able to exercise control over your expenditure and direct it most productively.

Boost your revenue

Lead generation can significantly improve your company's potential to communicate with specific prospects if it is carried out effectively. In order to stimulate interest from the targeted groups, it is necessary to use the appropriate messaging, offer, and content.

If you accomplish this, it will be much simpler for you to get the attention of qualified leads, which will make it much simpler for sales to close the deal with those leads. The potential for increased revenue is substantial, particularly when you concentrate on your audience's essential concerns and areas of interest.

Automate lead management

There are currently software tools available that can be used to automate tasks associated with lead generation and management. Tools like customer relationship management systems (CRMs), customer data platforms (CDPs), and sending platforms are included in this category. You'll be able to streamline and quicken the process of moving leads through the pipeline if you incorporate their use into your lead creation plan.

For instance, the information regarding leads is captured by your CDP. After that, your email marketing program will sort the leads into several categories before putting them through a nurturing campaign. Then, all of the communications that take place between leads and your company are recorded and kept track of by your CRM. You can connect your data and your initiatives if you provide the teams responsible for marketing, sales, and customer support access to these technologies.

Improving marketing and sales campaigns requires having this kind of high-level perspective on potential customers and the actions they take.

How to choose the B2B lead generation service provider

When looking for organizations that generate leads for either small businesses or large corporations, you need to pay attention to the same minor aspects in each case. Make sure you're receiving the best value possible by evaluating lead services with the help of the checklist that's provided below.

The best B2B lead generation firms won't mind discussing them.

Data compliance

You will only be able to meet your revenue targets if you fill the sales pipeline with leads that are relevant to your business. When using companies that generate leads, we should place the utmost importance on gathering precise information about our sales. If you don't do this, you will end up squandering valuable time and resources trying to connect with people who are not interested in your product or service.

Data source

Verify that the lead-generating agency you choose to work with follows all applicable regulations when gathering leads. If leads are willing to share their contact information, there is a greater chance that they will convert into customers. Even if the information was willingly submitted, its accuracy could only be guaranteed if it is updated. You can inquire with the company about the origin of their leads and the frequency with which they update their contact database. 

Data relevancy

You must easily manipulate the data you acquire to fit your objective (or purposes). Hence it must be accurate. Check to see that the data that is being provided by the companies that generate leads can actually be used. For instance, does the organization offer choices for filtering and segmenting the data that customers can use? If you don't, you won't be able to reach the people who would be the best fit for your business. 

CRM integrations

Check to see if the company providing your lead generation can help you close the communication gap between your sales and marketing teams by providing seamless integration with the CRM that your company uses. It allows you to handle data that has been generated and track transfers.

Sales triggers tracking

Does the firm you're thinking about buying from perform an analysis of sales triggers to improve the likelihood of conversion? The best lead-generating services for B2B companies assess the activity and performance of prospects, such as whether or not they have hired new executives or received investment, to uncover new business opportunities for their clients.

Data coverage

Verify that the company you are considering for lead generation can actually deliver leads on a worldwide scale. Even if you are concentrating your sales approach on a single geographical area at the moment, that decision may shift in the future. Make sure the organization you hire can scale up as your business does.

Local regulations compliance 

It's possible to incur a significant fine for violating data compliance regulations or failing to protect contacts' information adequately. Consequently, you should ensure that the company that generates leads is registered with international and national regulators and satisfies the criteria for consent.

Services' flexibility

Most businesses that generate leads provide a comprehensive range of services, including website building, lead nurturing, and appointment scheduling. Check with the company to see if they can modify the offer to fit your approach to bringing products to market. It is highly recommended that you schedule a meeting with the SDR team in order to discuss your requirements.


Make sure that the pricing is changed suitably whenever a firm has provided you with a tailored solution after they have done so. Examine both its level of competitiveness and the value it actually offers. For instance, some internet lead creation firms will resell lead lists to different customers, while others will ask you to pay for invalid leads.

Ownership of generated leads

There are B2B lead generation organizations that do nothing more than rent you their contact databases. After the rental period is over, you will no longer have access to the leads. Consequently, if you are considering constructing a sales pipeline that can be maintained over the long term, you should go with a solution that does not have a time limit.

Support for in-house teams

Assess the resources that are available inside your organization. There are occasions when all that is required of you is to supply the appropriate sales intelligence. If you currently have a sales staff, you should consider how you might complement their work by utilizing a lead generation agency. They have a greater opportunity to streamline the process of revenue operations and have more time to nurture active leads.

Best lead generation companies 

61% of marketers, according to Hubspot's State of Marketing study, believe generating traffic and leads to be their biggest setback. That's why we have compiled a list of the most reputable businesses that provide lead-generation services in order to assist you in finding an ideal partner for your company. You can scroll down for a more detailed explanation of the process.

1. TripleDart

TripleDart has consistently ranked as one of most successful and rapidly expanding lead-generation companies. It provides managed services for the generation of lead opportunities. It is an excellent choice for B2B startups and businesses that do not employ sales personnel. This is one of the finest performance marketing agency fit for your B2B business. Through the use of a bespoke platform, it makes it possible for you to communicate with potential purchasers and track leads. 

Tripledart can source leads exclusively for B2B technology companies by leveraging real-time intent data to detect keyword surges for your unique offering. This enables the company to zero in on businesses that are searching for products or services in your industry and engage decision-makers with personalized outreach. It then brings active prospects to your sales team or onboards new clients for you after having built custom workflows that drive prospect engagement with many tailored sales touchpoints. In addition to account-based marketing, the team generates leads for B2B sales through Linkedin, phone calls, and email.

2. Belkins 

In addition to handling all of the requirements for the top of the sales funnel on your behalf. Belkins provides services such as appointment setting, lead generation, research, and email marketing with full email deliverability through their AI-based Folderly and LinkedIn influencer marketing platform. This high-lead quality agency has experienced B2B sales development reps, marketers, and copywriters working on their team.

3. Riverbed Marketing

Riverbed Marketing's inbound marketing tactics are implemented through a combination of people, processes, and technology. Its areas of expertise include web design, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing automation, lead generation, and content marketing strategy and implementation. 

Additionally, it provides training to prepare your staff to be successful in sales. It analyses and researches your niche, creates a strategy based on your audience, builds a marketing automation system, creates appealing content to attract the right people, nurtures those leads, and converts them into customers. These are the steps in its method. In addition, it gives your internal sales team the tools they need to succeed. Lastly, it incorporates customer input into its ongoing quest for quality improvement.

4. RocketReach

RocketReach is a leading lead generation company that assists new and established IT enterprises in sales, recruiting, and marketing. In order to improve lead scoring, it includes a global database that contains emails and direct dials. You may also utilize their plugin to find leads on websites like Google, AngelList, or Crunchbase.

5. SeeResponse 

SeeResponse is somewhat similar to other lead-generating services; however, it stands out from the competition in that it is designed to specifically assist early-stage technology companies whose marketing requirements differ from those of huge corporations. Its method is straightforward and consists of providing these businesses with a website, generating leads, building email drip sequences, establishing email marketing automation and systems, constructing apps, and creating brand recognition through many channels.

Outbound marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, account-based marketing, and business-to-business (B2B) marketing are some of the services offered to larger businesses.

Choose the best B2B lead generation agency TripleDart 

TripleDart allows its customers to hire lead generation professionals who will construct B2B marketing campaigns on many channels on their behalf. You are provided with a professional project manager who will assist you in determining your target consumer's profile and producing higher-quality leads. We are experts in generating leads for B2B technology companies in the information technology (IT) and software as a service (SaaS) industries. The promotion of social media platforms is TripleDart's primary focus. Website design, content writing, and efforts to increase conversion rates are all part of our service offerings.

Key takeaway!

Obtaining well-qualified leads is of the utmost significance when starting a new business. The first step toward growing a business is ensuring that your lead-generation campaigns are successful.

Fortunately, organizations specializing in B2B lead generation can provide you with the necessary assistance. The majority of these businesses have their processes refined to a reasonable degree. They employ tried and tested tactics to produce leads, giving your company extensive exposure.

At TripleDart B2B, lead generation is treated with a high level of importance. With its well-planned strategies for generating leads, the organization dominates in the markets. A reliable B2B lead gen agency is of great assistance when deciding to use lead generation. The necessary breakthrough is provided by Tripledart thanks to its devoted and customer-friendly approach.

Jayakumar Muthusamy
Head of Content and Analytics at TripleDart Digital
Jayakumar Muthusamy

Jayakumar Muthusamy

Head of Content and Analytics at TripleDart Digital

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