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Do I need a PPC agency?

Yes, you do!

Running PPC campaigns isn’t easy. But paid search advertising agencies can make it easy for you.

With paid search services experts by your side, you can solve your problems better and manage your ad spends.

Adding to these, here are a few more reasons why you should go for a PPC agency.
Save time

Save time

As a B2B PPC agency, running PPC ads is never enough. You must regularly analyse, track, and manage all essential elements. So, save your time by handing it over to B2B PPC services experts.

Get positive results

Get positive results

Paid search services with superb track record can ensure yielding positive results

Save money

Save money

PPC agencies can manage your ads better and help you save the hard-earned bucks.

Ensure accuracy

Ensure accuracy

Be it keyword selection, ads display or measuring ad impressions, PPC campaigns need precision and accuracy that paid search services can provide.

How do I hire a PPC agency?

Hiring a PPC agency is easy if you consider the following points:

Experience & Performance

Experience & Performance

Check the track record of the paid search advertising agency. Managing PPC campaigns involve a lot of things - starting from building a PPC SaaS marketing strategy, setting up accounts, keywords selection, ad groups creation, budget decisions, campaign tweaks, and other technicalities. So, go for experienced paid search or B2B PPC services.

Tracking Conversions

Tracking Conversions

PPC professionals do not just execute PPC ads. They build a solid SaaS PPC strategy, create and run PPC ads, and track the ad performance to gain insights on conversions. Whether or not you are generating enough leads, boosting conversions, and everything else needs to be tracked by the PPC specialists.

Keyword Knowledge

Keyword Knowledge

Keyword selection is crucial in PPC campaigns. Choose the paid search strategy agency that understands the importance of keywords to attract the target audience. Plus, ensure that they possess knowledge about the negative keywords list as well.

How Much Do PPC Services Cost?

Expect paid search services to cost anywhere between $1500 to $5,000+ per month. Keep in mind the return on your investment.

Realistically, if you want a paid search service agency to drive your revenue, it is most likely that your ad spends expenses and your agency management costs will be much closer.

For example, to witness real success with Google Ads, you need to spend around $5000. Additionally, you can expect to spend $1,500 to $2,000 to a PPC agency. So, your budget should be around $6500 to $7000 if your ad spend is $5000.

Though you can always choose low-priced B2B PPC services, to make Google a consistent revenue source, you need a paid search service that can invest time and resources in your ads.

So, the bottom line is the more money you spend, the more the management will cost.

Best services do Google Ads provide

Explore the Google ad types here:

Standard text ads

Take users down the marketing funnel. Use top-ranking keywords in your text ads

Responsive Search Ads

Reach a larger audience

Dynamic search ads

Attract users searching for similar products/services as yours

Image ads

Create brand awareness

App promotion ads

Runs mostly on tabs, smartphones, these ads promote app downloads

Video ads

Engage users. Reach out to the customers on Google’s partner sites like YouTube. If you have the budget, video ads can be highly rewarding.

Product shopping ads

Use these ads for highlighting a product on sale. The ads show the product image with title, price, and a link to the online store.

Showcase Shopping Ads

It allows you to promote a variety of products together

Call-Only Ads

Promote phone calls with these call-only ads that run on mobile devices only

Benefits of Paid Search

Count on Google Ads for your PPC campaigns because it has several benefits. Have a look.


Widespread reach
  • Google’s massive reach is exemplary indeed!

  • Need a solution to your headache? Or information about the latest gadget? All you need to do is ‘Google it’.

  • The search engine handles over 2 trillion searches per year. That means it’s over 5 billion searches a day.

Control over Campaigns

Control over Campaigns
  • Building a PPC SaaS marketing strategy and running ad campaigns used to take time and resources. But Google Ads makes it easy.

  • With some training, your employees will be able to start and stop campaigns, reach the right people, and much more.

Easy to understand format

Easy to understand format
  • Google’s massive reach is exemplary indeed!

  • Need a solution to your headache? Or information about the latest gadget? All you need to do is ‘Google it’.

  • The search engine handles over 2 trillion searches per year. That means it’s over 5 billion searches a day.

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