Sales Qualified Leads

What is a Sales Qualified Lead Definition? 

A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a prospect who satisfies certain sales process-defined conditions. SQLs are in the middle of the sales funnel, having been qualified by marketing or a lead generation team and are now ready for the next step in the sales process.

Why is Qualifying Sales Leads Important in SaaS? 

Most SaaS customers, except enterprise customers, prefer to test a product before committing to it. The Product Qualified Lead (PQL) model is so significant due to the "try before you buy" mentality.

The greatest advantage of identifying PQLs is identifying sales opportunities with prospects. Sales representatives adore the fact that they can concentrate on the most lucrative opportunities and approach them at the optimal time.

They can spend little time guiding leads through the funnel, given that they have already used the product.

It facilitates their work and improves team morale.

This also makes the PQL model more scalable, requiring less 'human touch' to close deals.

How to Qualify a Sales Lead? 

Start with those to calculate your average value of leads: Lead value = Sale $/# of Leads. Lead value = Average Sale $ X Conversion rate.