Buyer Persona

What is a Buyer Persona? 

Using demographics, psychographics, behavioural data, and self-reported identities or preferences, buyer personas build a comprehensive picture of your customer. If necessary, any SaaS company can have multiple buyer personas. These b2b buyer persona must be as detailed as possible. You are attempting to build a fictional person who embodies your ideal customer's qualities. It's essential to determine what makes a great consumer for your business, whether it's corporate size, geographic area, personal interests, or anything else.

Why is it Important in SaaS? 

You can examine your sales statistics to determine whether your top clients who remain with your solution the longest share any commonalities. This type of analysis of your current customer base can provide a solid framework for developing detailed buyer personas. Another approach for data collection is to survey your present consumers. Send a survey to your users in order to collect demographic data. Ask short response questions regarding their product usage objectives. If possible, it might be just as beneficial to collect information from consumers or users who chose not to utilise your products. Inquiring about the obstacles that prevented people from purchasing your product can provide insight into their conduct.

How to Calculate Buyer Personas Sales? 

SaaS firms with small marketing expenditures need inbound marketing to build credibility and trust. Inbound marketing lowers customer acquisition costs and boosts short- and long-term revenue. Inbound marketing builds brand awareness, identification, and interaction to reach target customers. 5 ways to spot your market's b2b buyer persona.

  • Identify their problems
  • Identify their priorities
  • Identify their objections
  • Identify their information channels
  • Identify their buying process