14 Enterprise SEO Mistakes That Every Marketers Should Avoid

Jayakumar Muthusamy
February 7, 2023
14 Enterprise SEO Mistakes That Every Marketers Should Avoid


SEO fundamentals are the same for businesses of every size. However, the strategies and execution vary from one business to another. Usually, enterprises have a huge number of web pages, and managing them effectively is not an easy task. This is where enterprise SEO comes into the picture.

So, what is enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO refers to the strategies that experts design for larger organizations. Here, larger refers to more pages in the website rather than the size of the company/organization. When there are more pages on a website, it becomes tough to rank all of them for relevant keywords as it requires huge content creation, link building for all pages, etc. 

This is why experts focus on scalable tactics that they can use for multiple pages. With so many pages and keywords to keep track of, enterprise SEO also requires a proper tracking system. 

Common Enterprise SEO Mistakes to Avoid

As said above, there is a lot of work involved in enterprise SEO, and this leads to some mistakes. These mistakes can cost money, time, and resources for an organization. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, right! So, it is time for you to know the most common mistakes that are committed by marketers when dealing with enterprise SEO and address them. 

Here is the list of the most common enterprise SEO issues one needs to avoid at any cost. 

1. Not Setting Clear Goals

Almost every expert faces this most common enterprise SEO mistake. When it comes to SEO, each strategy should have a proper goal. Some strategies are meant to fetch traffic, while another one is meant to fetch leads.

Understanding your campaign's goal in the first place will put you out of misery. An organization needs to get high traffic, quality leads, and organic sales and deliver for its target audience. But you can only get some of these with one strategy or campaign. 

You need to divide each of these goals and focus on one at a time. Having proper goals and setting KPIs should be the first step that every SEO expert has to focus on.

When you have measurable goals, comparing outcomes and working around them becomes easy.

Usually, most of the companies start with traffic first and then move on to the leads. Getting some traction to the website before trying to generate leads will surely help.

2. Ignoring Google My Business Listing

When your target audience searches for "<your business service/product> near me," your business needs to pop right on the top. For this to happen, it is important to manage your Google My Business account properly.

Google is putting a lot of importance on these near-me searches, which can aid businesses. So, focusing on Google My Business Listing will create a ripple in the long term. 

For example, when I search for the best restaurants near me, I can see the restaurants that have a carefully curated Google My Business (GMB) section. You need to set up your GMB profile and optimize it the right way to ensure that your business pops up in this list.  

3. Not Focusing on Enterprise SEO

The main concept of enterprise SEO is catering to websites with many pages.  

Keeping an eye on all of these pages can be tiresome and require many resources. Hence, most digital marketers and SEO experts spend time focusing on the pages that are important from a business perspective.

While this strategy is right, following it may jeopardize your potential SEO chances. Certain pages and keywords can be ranked by just focusing on them a little more, like changing the content, adding new referral domains, etc. 

Using data to get insights on which pages to focus on and which don't can help decision-making. There are so many amazing enterprise SEO audit tools in the market that you can use to understand which of your pages need a little nudge, so look at them.

This way, you will be able to avoid one of the most common enterprise SEO issues. So keep an eye on this.

4. Only Focusing on On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is always the main focus for many SEO experts and digital marketers. It plays an important role, and there is no denying that, but it isn't the only factor that can help your SEO. There are so many other important things that you need to focus on.

Placing content on other websites is one of the most important things every website has to do monthly-to-monthly. Curating engaging blogs and content with the right keywords and linking it to the relevant pages on your website will make a lot of difference in your website’s performance.

Apart from that, you also need to focus on technical SEO. Optimizing the meta descriptions and title tags, adding alt text to images, and building XML sitemaps are important factors. 

Apart from that, making sure that your website loading speed is quick, along with a great user interface, can help in better ranking for your site. It is important to remember that SEO strategies are done for search engine bots and humans. So, your strategies have to tick off both requirements.

5. Not Considering Search Intent

Search intent is one such feature that most marketers ignore. They just use the keywords in articles, blogs, and web content without considering its intent and checking whether the content they are posting is relevant. This is a major enterprise SEO mistake that must be avoided at any cost.

Search engines like Google stress a lot on search intent. Checking whether all the ranking pages have the right and relevant content matters greatly. Considering all these factors, the pages are ranked on search engines.

So, SEO experts and writers need to curate content that matches the intent of a keyword they want to include. You must become more salesy in a blog with an informative intent keyword and vice versa.

6. Not Focusing on Backlink Data

As shown in the report above shared by WordStream, Backlinks are quite an important factor for Google to decide the ranking of an article on the SERP. 

Here, the quality of links matters rather than the quantity. Google is strict when it comes to quality backlinks and wants every website to acquire them naturally..

You have to attain backlinks from websites that are niche specific and suitable for your website. The domain authority and spam score of that particular website will also matter. Another huge mistake that most marketers make is buying backlinks from vendors.

 This is nothing but a waste of time and money. Apart from that, it can affect your rankings and spam score as well. So, create a backlink strategy and get backlinks from the best website in the market. The process may consume some time, but it is organic, and Google is going to recognize your efforts.

7. The ranking isn't a True Metric

Now, this may surprise you, but the ranking isn't the true metric you have to look at when it comes to SERP. There was a time when Google used to show the same top ten websites for anyone who searched for a particular keyword.

Back then, ranking at the top for their relevant keyword mattered a lot. But now, the time has changed. Google's first SERP has many ads and pages modified based on geolocation, search history, and much more. It is quite common that no two users will get the same results for the same keyword. 

This means that a particular keyword's ranking is not as huge a metric as it used to be earlier.

As you can see, there are two different pages on top of SERP for the same keyword in two different Google profiles. So, focusing to rank on top for one particular keyword isn’t going to help you much along the way. 

8. Over Expansion vs. Over Optimization

Enterprise SEO means dealing with many website pages, and every one of these pages may have a history. Here, history refers to the content that has been published, amount of times it has been tweaked, different product launches, new pages, redesigned sites, site migrations, etc.

With so many pages and many changes around, marketers tend to lose track of things. In order to avoid such discrepancies, it is important to manage the sitemap.xml file. Knowing which of your pages are doing better with great backlinks and performing better in traffic, etc., can help you plan the things around those pages.

Internal links to those pages can help in boosting performance. You can tweak the content of those particular pages and get it recrawled. This can help in better-ranking chances and boost the domain authority without bloating the website.

 9. Not Considering Mobile Traffic

Your website has to be mobile-friendly, and that is a basic requirement for every enterprise and organization of any size, for that matter. As you can see in the above image shared by Oberlo in 2022, 59.4% of web traffic came via mobile phones.

Mobile makes so much impact when it comes to traffic for a website. So, make sure to conduct an audit on your website and look at how optimized your website is for mobiles.

If any changes are necessary for website optimization, do that without fail. You have to ensure that you are making the most of website traffic.

 10. Ignoring Important Metrics

With so many metrics around, it can be tough for a marketer to determine which would matter for the website and which wouldn’t. When you look at SERP, you can find a featured snippet box, and people ask for sections.

You need to check if your website ranks for any of these metrics and, if yes, for how many keywords. Conduct competitor analysis and see how often your competitor has been ranked for the same.

This will create a huge impact on the way your website is performing. You need to look for an effective tool that can show you these metrics and make sure to use it effectively. Some metrics can affect your website but are often overlooked; make sure to come out of this rut.

11. Ignoring Different Content Forms

This is yet another important enterprise SEO mistake that you need to avoid. Written content makes a huge difference for your website, but that is not it. So many of your competitors also try to curate better content and aim at ranking for that particular keyword.

This is where you need to try to stand out. You can convert that content into video, infographics, or images. The number of people who prefer watching a video over reading content is huge. Oberlo has reported a Hubspot study showing that 54% of consumers are looking to consume video content from the brands they like and support.

Image Source

Video creation is nothing less than storytelling; most people are visual learners.

So, you can curate amazing videos around the content, show your industry expertise and publish it online. You can also reach out to your target set of audiences via podcasts too.

 There are various other types of content forms that marketers can explore rather than focusing on just blogs, web content, etc. Explore those, as it will help you stand apart from competitors.

#2. There is No ‘the Best’ SEO Practice

Marketers need to know this. With every new Google algorithm update, there are changes in the way your website is performing. So, if you are focusing on just one SEO strategy and working on it for months and years, then it is time to ditch that strategy and practice.

Google always tries to deliver only the best websites and pages to the user, so it keeps on updating the algorithm every now and then. So, you must ensure that you are updated with the latest trends and updates, as it will impact how you perform.

 13. Not Considering Page Architecture

This is another common enterprise SEO mistake that marketers make. Every website needs to have a proper structure regarding where fresh content goes, how the content is placed on pages, and many more.

This will help both Google and website visitors. So, marketers need to focus on the architecture of a website and ensure that everything is properly aligned.

 Apart from that, one has to focus on internal linking too. Making sure that every blog that is published has enough internal links will also make a huge difference. Updating legacy pages with new content and images from time to time matters.

14. Ignoring EAT

EAT is a term coined by Google, and it stands for Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness of the content you are putting on your website. Every marketer out there has to be careful about this concept.

Whatever content you put out on the website should come from a person who has expertise in that particular technology. Now, this is not an easy task. You need to find authors with expertise in your particular domain and a proper online presence.

This assures Google’s trust in your website. Once this level of trustworthiness is established, you will be able to rank better with good content.

Search engines like Google are trying to deliver only the best and most reliable content to visitors; hence, following EAT will only benefit you. 

How Tripledart Helps You to Avoid These Mistakes?

When you have a sizable website, there are chances for complications. You need to have a strategic approach to SEO tactics; this is where Tripledart comes to your rescue. Our team consists of the industry's best experts who can guide you along the way. We ensure that your organization's goals are in sync with the best enterprise SEO practices to help you enjoy all the enterprise SEO benefits you are looking for.

Apart from that, we also protect your brand reputation across different channels. Availing of enterprise SEO services from Tripledart can put you out of the misery of all the above mistakes.

Our experts know how to work around search engines, and this will aid you in making your online presence even stronger. 50+ B2B companies trust us for their SEO services. Our tried and tested frameworks will help you expand your brand. 

We usually start with an analysis of your content strategies, find different opportunities after completing keyword analysis, and then focus on new ad copies and other content formats to generate leads. 

So, if you are looking for reliable enterprise SEO services, then Tripledart can be your go-to option.

Final Note

Marketers and SEO experts need to know that even a small enterprise SEO mistake can greatly affect website performance. So, it is important for them not to make any of the 14 mistakes mentioned above. If you are looking for better results, then you need to ensure that your strategies are on point and are updated from time to time.

The best thing any enterprise owner can do is rely on a top Enterprise SEO agency like Tripledart. When you outsource your work to an agency that has already worked with multiple B2B companies and generated results, you can stay assured that your website is in safe hands.

Our experts are always a call away to clear any of your doubts and help you around the website. Book an intro call with Tripledart to see how proven SEO strategies can help you in making an effective search engine presence.

Jayakumar Muthusamy
Jayakumar Muthusamy
Head of Content and Analytics at TripleDart Digital

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