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Why Content Marketing is the Need of the Hour for B2B SaaS startups?

Content marketing makes a business visible to its ideal customers. It brings your products to the forefront for addressing customer pain points.

1. It connects brands to their audience
2. Drives traffic to the websites 
3. Educates the potential customers 
4. Boosts revenue and ROI.

Take SEO as an Investment. SEO is the main element in content marketing that helps with some of the key tasks, including driving traffic and increasing visibility.

Did you know that 72% of online marketers consider SEO the most effective marketing strategy? It is cost-effective and boosts your lead generation efforts.

Identify your Content Type. What type of content would be the best for your business?

No matter what you choose - blogs or product guides, SEO is crucial to bring in more traffic to your website.

Without SEO content, you’re already missing out on several opportunities. So, get the best B2B content marketing agency (like TripleDart!) that can give you four types of SEO blogs -

1. Awareness content
2. Sales content
3. Thought leadership content

Follow the Metrics. Is your content performing well? Track these metrics to find out! 

1. Organic landing page visits
2. Organic sessions over time and conversations
3. Keyword ranking
4. Category or blog-specific behavior flow

Analyze the website traffic and growth.
Find out which channels are star performers and which content pieces are getting the most hits.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy.  It is not recommended to gauge the content performance right after publishing. 

So, wait for 3-6 months to witness exponential growth.  

Adding to these, here are a few more reasons why you should go for a PPC agency.

Why is Content Marketing Important for B2B Companies?

If done the right way, content marketing for B2B companies can prove to be significant because it provides an array of benefits.

Builds trust. Content marketing makes B2B customers believe that the product or service you offer will solve their problems. The right content helps you empathize with your audience and you need it much more than just a product demo.

Choose the right B2B content agency that curates content to win customers’ trust – blogs, case studies, testimonials- and tell customers how good you are!

Reduces cost per lead. Content marketing is cost-effective. Good content has the potential to drive traffic – earned and organic- to your website without having to compete over ads. Once created, you can use your content assets across different channels.

Helps your website rank higher. Content marketing enables you to optimize your website content. As you create engaging content - keyword targeted and well linked - your content ranking gets higher, attracting more traffic to your website.

So, consider a B2B content marketing agency like TripleDart. Get quality content backed by a good SEO strategy and get set to witness long-term growth.

Save time

Content strategy

Lead generation, conversion, achieving business goals – everything starts with a well-laid-out plan. At TripleDart B2B SEO agency, we begin with planning a content strategy and act accordingly to guarantee success.

Get positive results

Content creation

Want to know what quality content looks like? Team up with a B2B content agency that understands content creation. Create content that connects to your target audience. We are here to help you out!

Save money

Content distribution

Content distribution needs to be strategic. When done perfectly, it ensures reaching your intended audience. The TripleDart team works on the process tactically, making the right content available to the right people.

Ensure accuracy

Content marketing and SEO audit

An audit is a thorough analysis for all those who want to improve their content marketing efforts. Our B2B SaaS Performance Marketing team at TripleDart stops at nothing to run a check and help you level up.

B2B Content Marketing vs B2C Content Marketing

Content marketing is not the same for B2B and B2C companies. But what’s the difference?

Experience & Performance

B2B content marketing targets specific decision-makers within companies. But B2C is for the audience in general.

Tracking Conversions

B2B content marketing is strategic. It relies on specific content formats like blogs, emails, case studies, and webinars. Whereas, B2C content marketing can be informal social media posts and blogs.

Keyword Knowledge

Content distribution for B2B companies happens via email marketing, conferences, websites, and search. Whereas B2B content is mostly shared on social media platforms.

How to Measure B2B Content Marketing ROI?

The best B2B content marketing companies do not just deliver custom content. They help you analyze if the content is working and what improvements are required.

At TripleDart, we stand by you even after delivering the content. We ensure checking on the content performance and its success.

To determine the ROI of your B2B content marketing, we need to look at the content’s place in the marketing funnel.

1. Top funnel content:
Awareness – The top-level includes blogs, eBooks, newsletters, etc. These content types do not directly drive sales. But they introduce your brand to the audience. Measure the content success by looking at impressions, social media likes, follows, clicks, etc.

2. Middle funnel content:
Interest – This stage includes downloadable content assets like eBooks and case studies. They do not impact sales directly but it promotes brand visibility. Follow the clicks and impressions to measure the success of this content.

3. Middle funnel content:
Consideration – A step further down the marketing funnel where your prospect needs a little push to convert. You need content to win trust, like testimonials, positive reviews, and customer success stories.

4. Bottom funnel content:
Decision – The end of the funnel includes content- CTAs and forms- that can lead the prospect to the sale. Look at the sales numbers. Submitted forms, and inquiries through emails, to measure the success of these content pieces.

How do you create a B2B Content Marketing Strategy?

1. Set goals

Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals for your B2B content marketing strategy

2. Create buyer personas

Who are your buyers? Research your audience and segment based on demographics, behavior, challenges, goals, etc.

3. Perform a content audit

Analyze the existing content on your website to find out the gaps in content – what you have created and what more you must create.

4. Find content ideas

Brainstorm ideas. Come up with content ideas that attempt to resolve the pain points of your buyer personas.

5. Keywords and search intent

Validate your ideas with keyword research. Understand the search intent and create content around it.

6. Include topic clusters

Topic clusters in your content strategy make it more visible. It involves creating a ‘pillar’ page that includes a broad overview of the particular topic.

7. Choose the content type

Find the perfect content type for your business – blogs, videos, eBooks, product demos, or case studies.

8. Build a market research report

Market reports can make you stand out. It has data that no one else does. Use these insights for your content marketing strategy.

9. Plan content creation and management

Get a CMS if you haven’t already. A CMS enables creating, publishing, and organizing content with ease.

10. Leverage your workforce

Get your workforce to work. Create quality content, and update existing ones every day. Share them on LinkedIn and engage with the audience.

11. Content promotion

For B2B content promotion, use social media (LinkedIn), email marketing, and paid advertising. Amplify your content reach with paid advertising and get great returns with a perfect email marketing strategy.

12. Use content (blogs, eBooks) to generate leads

For B2B companies, content can drive traffic to your website. They can also indicate users' purchase intent.

13. Track content performance

Track the performance metrics- page views, sign-ups, session time, conversions, etc.

14. Update content and repurpose

Update webpage content and blogs. Improve them, add CTAs, and republish.

15. Reach us out

TripleDart is an expert B2B content creation agency. We understand our clients – their business goals, target audience, and brand messages. We plan content marketing strategies, create content that generates value, and leverage them through the right distribution channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B customers look for informative content. They want content pieces – blogs, emails, or eBooks – that can boost brand awareness, generate leads, and boost sales. In short, B2B decision-makers demand data-driven, high-quality information that can make their jobs easier.

B2B content is formal but written in a conversational tone. It involves practical and strategic content that is easy to understand and quickly gets to the point. Further, B2B content uses a professional writing style targeted toward the decision-makers.

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