Grow your SAAS business with ABM Agency

Shiyam Sunder
Feb 7, 2023
Grow your SAAS business with ABM Agency


Every business enterprise follows a marketing strategy to engage with its customers. When this strategy is directed at enriching the experience of specific prospects, it is called account-based marketing. 

At TripleDart, we help you reach B2B SaaS business accounts to accelerate your growth with our streamlined ABM campaign strategy. 

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategy that identifies specific, high-profile prospect accounts to offer them a personalized buying experience. This is done through the coordinated efforts of the sales and marketing teams.

While traditional inbound marketing technique starts with creating awareness in the prospects first, ABM has a list of prospects who are interested in your business ready.

ABM is an important revenue-generating strategy since the combined efforts of the sales and marketing teams help augment revenues. 

Marketing and sales teams that adopt ABM  can be up to 6% more likely to exceed revenue goals than those that do not.

ABM becomes more effective when it is relevant and gives the accounts the best experience. This is called account-based experience (ABX). This strategy focuses on orchestrating content suitable for the customer in every stage of their journey. The following explains the importance of ABX.

Why is account-based experience important?

ABX is a marketing strategy that focuses on giving the best experience to customers. The focus here is on targeted B2B accounts and not on any single person. This way, ABX is highly beneficial to B2B companies. 

ABX campaigns are personalized and aim to solve the challenges faced by B2B organizations. Since the communication in most cases is one-to-one or one-to-few, the sales and marketing teams are entrusted with complete information about the target account. This facilitates more concentration on these accounts.

Important for revenue generation

Businesses have started to understand the importance of providing the best experience to buyers. The experience that your brand offers to target accounts is vital to their customer lifecycle. 

Customer satisfaction is a key factor in improving your revenues. You can leverage their trust to improve your productivity. There are various stages in the customer lifecycle, which tells us the challenges in creating a customer base. Once created, it is important to retain them.

Businesses that invest in providing excellent experiences grow revenue 40% faster, improve retention by 70%, and increase customer lifetime value 1.6x more than companies that do not. (Demandbase)

A customer who continues for a long term contributes significantly to your revenue generation. 

The best customer experience at every stage of their journey develops more trust in your brand.

Improved close rates

Organizations following the ABX strategy have better close rates. This is because they explore and learn about the customer pain points and target the account only after collecting substantial data about them.

This tailored approach helps in satisfying the requirements of the accounts. Most companies shift brands only when their requirements are not understood. Not catering to the needs of the B2B accounts will leave chances to competitors. 

ABX plugs this defect and concentrates on specific B2B accounts. For this reason, the close rates are always more than that of an organization that does not follow this approach. This approach is beneficial to both your business and the accounts.

Coordinates all departments

The ABX strategy brings all the departments concerned with generating revenues for your business. Every customer-facing department is engaged in providing a personalized experience to the target account. 

This is more comprehensive than the ABM strategy and helps your organization in account expansions. The strategy becomes more streamlined when all the customer-facing departments work in conjunction. 

Reaches buyers when the need is most felt

Your prospects who are interested in your brand may need some assistance to move to the next stage. If you wait for the business buyer to explore and approach you, they may move over to other brands. 

ABX strategy avoids this situation. Here, the brand identifies the right moment to contact the B2B account, as the brand knows the stage of lifecycle the buyer belongs to. 

During the sales process, many buyers raise the objection that the moment is not right for a purchase. When you follow the ABX approach, you can overcome this situation easily. Before they opt out, you hit the right chord by identifying their pain points. So, this comprehensive strategy creates customer satisfaction.

TripleDart understands the importance of personalized experience generation and facilitates your operations with pilot ABX campaigns.

How TripleDart helps with ABM services?

TripleDart, one of the best abm agencies for SaaS,  focuses on providing the best customer experience through ABX strategy. We ensure that every stage in the account's journey is worthwhile by offering customized solutions. 

We strive to deliver a better experience with our step-by-step approach. With this, we help enhance relationships with customers. The following are some of the stages that TripleDart follows in its streamlined ABX approach.

Campaign planning

Planning an ABX marketing campaign involves a lot of research. Some aspects to be considered are:

  • Ideal customer profile to be targeted.
  • List of prominent stakeholders in the B2B account.
  • Challenges faced by the account.
  • Target personas in each segment.
  • Creating strategies for email marketing.
  • Creating the first campaign.
  • Setting up of email marketing tool.
  • Working on lead scoring model.

For the campaign, we classify buyers into 5 personas. People targeted are the Head of Compliance, Head of Finance, CEO, Cofounders, VP of Sales, Chief of Staff, HRBP, etc. 

Through these personas, we learn about:

  • Key challenges 
  • Content the account is consuming at present
  • Top priorities 
  • Expectations 

We also choose the mode of communication to be followed for the campaign: 

  • For a high-value buyer, one-to-one works. For example, direct mailing, private events, custom e-books, webinars, etc.
  • For businesses that can be segmented based on geography, industry, vertical, etc., we follow the one-to-few methodology.

Our campaign is based on the mapping of information that we collect, as mentioned above.

Persona mapping

Mapping buyer personas is the next step. The buyer persona represents the ideal customer profile that your brand has identified through extensive research.

Mapping personas help understand the needs and fears of the target audience. This enables proper channelizing of marketing activities. 

We classify the persona landscape as primary buyers, secondary buyers, and influencers. Each of their fears and pain points is listed and analyzed to provide an appropriate solution.

Content mapping

As one of the most experienced B2B ABM agencies, TripleDart tries to address the buyer’s needs at various stages of the lifecycle. Content mapping is the process in which a content plan is created to cater to buyers at different stages in their lifecycle. 

For example, one of the methods of communication in ABM is direct mail. The content in the direct mail is designed according to the buyer’s journey. We identify the type of information the account consumes at a particular stage and frame our methodologies accordingly. 

Various types of content can be planned, like ebooks, case studies, newsletters, video messages, etc.

Creating a pilot plan

A 30-day pilot plan is created once the content is finalized. The plan includes setting up of goal, identification of target accounts, running awareness campaigns, and metrics analysis. It also involves tools selection, planning the team structure, and budget planning.

Sophisticated ABX method

We assist B2B SaaS companies with more tools for providing a unique experience. 

Connect with TripleDart today to learn more about sophisticated ABX.

Our omnichannel digital marketing approach 

TripleDart follows an omnichannel digital marketing approach to ABM for SaaS. This marketing approach taps all the possible channels of communication to provide a seamless experience to the target accounts.

Companies with a strong omnichannel customer engagement program witness a 91% year-over-year increase in customer retention on an average, compared to companies that don’t have one. (Aberdeen)

As a top ABM B2B digital marketing agency, we at TripleDart explore all the channels as mentioned below.

Content marketing

This channel plays a great role in B2B SaaS companies. Creating, distributing, sharing, and publishing content relevant to the prospect helps reach more buyers.

Some types of content are:

  • Buyer guides
  • Case studies
  • Industry-specific blogs
  • Infographics
  • White papers

Programmatic advertising

This channel uses AI and advanced algorithms to determine the type of ad content suitable for a specific audience. It considers the buyer's browsing history, demographic data, etc. 

Programmatic advertising is used together with other tools so as to get the best results. This process works based on the buyer’s stage in the sales funnel. This is a personalized approach and helps target accounts better.


LinkedIn advertising is very specific as it targets a specific audience with business-related features. It is useful for ABM campaigns since the buyer persona can be easily identified.

This channel of marketing helps in improving the reach of the campaign by meeting the targets exactly when they need. With LinkedIn’s feature that lets you target companies, access to the directory of 10 million plus companies is possible. 


Search engine optimization is also an effective channel of marketing for SaaS companies. This is an efficient, and at the same time, cost-effective tool of marketing. 

Searches are more refined, and it is easy to target your audience. Planning your content for a specific audience helps rank better. With more updates in search engine algorithms, more refined results are obtained.

Book a slot with TripleDart now and steer your ABM campaign to success.

With a proper plan to offer ABX, you can retain valuable accounts that help grow your business. Several AI tools also assist in this process. Being an expert SaaS B2B ABM agency, TripleDart, also help you select sophisticated ABX software solutions and tailored B2B ABM strategy to ensure your business growth.

Shiyam Sunder
Co- Founder | Tripledart - Growth Startups
Shiyam Sunder

Shiyam Sunder

Co- Founder | Tripledart - Growth Startups

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