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What’s New In Performance Marketing Services 2022?

Did you take a note of the latest performance marketing trends? Here, we have outlined several trends screaming for your attention.

1. Core Web Vitals

Google’s algorithm is evolutionary. When you think you have nailed it, there are new discoveries and innovations.

Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics quantify and measure the user experience of a web page. These metrics are-

   1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
   2. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
   3. First Input Delay (FID)

Though you may not be familiar with these terms, they make complete sense to the top performance marketing services. Together, these metrics measure a web page’s stability, speed, and load time.

2. Podcast Advertising

The rise of podcasts in the recent times has been incredible. The number of active podcasts and podcast listeners are increasing every day. Almost 62% of the population 12+ listens to a podcast.

Performance-based marketing services are using their creative dynamics to create podcasts to promote a brand. These marketing podcasts are generally based on relevant interviews, product-related content, actionable tips and insights, latest trends, etc.

3. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has grown spectacularly over the years. Here are a few global statistics that tell how much this industry has prospered.

    1. In UK, Influencer Marketing grew by 400% from 2016 to 2021
    2. 93% of marketers have used Influencer Marketing
    3. Influencer Marketing was a $13.8 Billion Industry in 2021

However, influencer marketing is not something you rush into. Collaborate with people you see fit for your business, the ones who can be your brand ambassador. 

Performance Marketing Services Tips to be Successful

When your marketing efforts aren’t doing great, you need a few good tips to succeed. 

Here are a few tips followed by the best performance marketing service companies.

1. Make a good landing page and a beneficial offer.

Your landing page must not be a disappointment when it comes to performance marketing.

A bad landing page can prevent visitors from clicking through, making them leave your website without any action. As a result, your conversion rates can decline. Plus, it may deter partners from promoting your brand. 

Besides creating a good landing page, ensure that you make an attractive offer to your affiliates. Tell them how beneficial the offer is for them.

Audit your site, test the buyer’s journey, tweak links and checkout process, and address potential issues visitors may face. 

2. Pick reputable traffic sources.

Where is your traffic coming from? Are they coming from trusted sources?

The top performance-based marketing services keep an eye on the traffic sources. It is extremely important in performance marketing. 

Consumers may doubt your credibility if you have high traffic from less-than-reputable sources. Thus, it may result in traffic decline, low clickthrough, and a lower conversion rate.

So, focus on quality than quantity. Instead of generating massive low-quality traffic, team up with affiliates who can drive credible and meaningful traffic to your website.

3. Follow the rules

Performance marketing revolves around relationships between brands and publishers. It is all about building credible relations to engage and convert audiences to create your brand image.  

So, compliance is a must when it comes to performance marketing services. Both brands and publishers must be compliant to the relevant rules, that is, the laws and policies in place. 

Ensure you know the legal requirements and align your posts with the guidelines. If not, partner with a professional performance marketing service agency to help you with legal compliance.

4. A/B Test and Optimize

Test, measure, and optimize are the core of performance marketing. You must ensure testing and measuring the revenue-driving metrics for any performance marketing strategy.

Experiment with different optimization strategies and techniques to optimize your conversion rates, click-through rates, AOVs, etc. Also, perform A/B testing to find the elements that are working and those that aren’t. 

5. Track, track, and track again

The best performance-based marketing services focus on tracking campaign details every minute. 

Several campaign metrics, like page views, bounce rate, average time spent on a page, attribution, etc., provide significant insights into the campaign performance. So, test, track, and improve to make the most out of your performance marketing campaigns.

Programmatic Display That Drives Results

Reach the right people with our advanced prospecting strategies and boost engagement with retargeting. Team up with our experts to drive customer footprints and repeat purchases. 

We have a Brilliant Way to Reach New Customers

TripleDart’s advanced prospecting solution can help you drive sales with customers actively looking for similar products like yours. Our scalable prospecting strategy ensures efficient and profitable customer acquisition. 

      1. Detailed analytics on performance marketing and actionable insights on the customer          journey to optimize campaigns.
      2. Unexpected audience discovery with top-notch, data-driven AI.
      3. Far-reaching strategy and campaign execution ensure fueling brand growth.
      4. Brand safety measures ensure reaching real and credible people, not bots.

We Offer Solutions That Guarantee Ever-Increasing Revenue & Solid Customer Loyalty.

Our advanced retargeting solution leverages effective creatives, cross-device reach, and machine learning to deliver the best experience to your valuable visitors and delightful customer base. 

      1. Track, measure, manage, and optimize campaigns with our industry specialists’ team.
      2. Advanced optimization technology and creative intelligence to deliver superb outcomes.
      3. Data-driven decisions with machine learning secures precise targeting.
      4. Extensive networking ensures reaching out to customers easily  
      5. Access real-time campaign insights with analytics and reporting.

Why Choose Us?

Trust us when we say that your performance marketing campaigns will deliver results with our efforts and advanced solutions. Our in-house B2B expert strategist team creates strategies based on the latest industry updates and performance marketing trends. They spend time understanding your business goals and ensure achieving them without fail. 

With the best tech team at work, we offer performance marketing services that are par excellence. Our tech team looks after all the campaign technicalities – SEO, PPC, analytics, website design, and optimization, ensuring revenue-generating marketing campaigns. 

Performance marketing demands good content. So, our team of content specialists puts their best foot forward when crafting content for your campaigns. From marketing campaigns, and blogs, to website content – our performance-based marketing service covers it all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can do performance marketing by yourself, given that you have a strong in-house marketing team with the ideal budget, expertise, and bandwidth to run campaigns. Else, work with performance marketing service agencies who can manage your entire program or support the in-house team with their expertise.

Performance marketing is here to stay. It significantly scales businesses by increasing brand awareness and reach, reducing costs, and increasing conversion rates. So, it's high time you think about performance marketing considering your business needs. Explore our performance marketing services to understand their business benefits.

Digital marketing is online marketing. It includes social media marketing, email marketing, and performance marketing. Performance marketing is a type of digital marketing involving ad campaigns where affiliates and performance marketing service agencies are paid only when there’s a booking, sale, completed lead, or download.

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