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What is a social media advertising agency?

A social media marketing agency is a company that creates and runs social media marketing campaigns and strategies for businesses. They focus on planning, organizing, and curating content for your social media posts and publishing them across various channels.

The traditional advertising or marketing agencies strategize and manage print advertising, television/ radio advertising, etc. But a social media marketing company handles digital or online advertising through social media platforms, helping brands maximize reach.

How do social media marketing agencies advertise?

Social media marketing agencies look after three aspects.
Save time


The work begins with creating the social media marketing strategy. Social media marketing companies like TripleDart study the client’s business goals and existing marketing strategy. Next, they choose the best social media channels to reach the target audience. Finally, they create plans for social media marketing.

Get positive results


The top social media marketing companies in India understand that content is king. It is the right content that generates leads and drives conversions.

At TripleDart PPC agency, we ensure crafting content that connects with the key audiences. We identify the content type that works well and focus on creating more of it.

Save money

Metrics and ROI

The best social media marketing agencies in India do not stop at content creation.

As a B2B social media marketing agency, TripleDart tracks social media content performance. We check metrics like post impressions, engagement rate, interactions, shares, likes, comments, etc. to measure the effectiveness of the activities.

Types of social media marketing

The best social media marketing companies find out the ideal platform for your brand before they begin posting content.

There are a few types of social media marketing that are considered by agencies for their clients.

1. Social networks

Social networks mean the social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It allows businesses to build networks, reach a wider audience, and increase brand awareness.

2. Social news

Reddit or Digg are popular social news sites. It allows users to post news links and other links to external articles. The users can vote for the most helpful post and the items with the highest number of votes remain on display.

3. Media sharing

Share tutorials or entertainment videos or images through media sharing platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Pinterest. These sites allow businesses to create profiles and share their content. Also, they offer the option to comment on other content and socialize.

4. Microblogging

Facebook and Twitter are popular microblogging sites that allow users to write short entries, including links to websites or profiles, pages, or other social media sites. Twitter is the most used microblogging site that helps brands to increase recognition.

5. Forums & Comments section

Online forums and the comments section of blogs and social networks are places where customers engage in conversations. They write about their likes, dislikes, and interests. They also respond to community questions.

6. Review sites

Social review sites like Yelp, G2, TripAdvisor, and Yellowpages reviews are significant for businesses. Once your brand starts getting reviews, it will work as referrals. New prospects will go by the feedback of the existing customers. Thus, you can witness a boost in sales. Further, the social review sites also help brands to identify areas they need to improve.

5. Community blogs

Community blogs let you spread your message without investment. People widely use Medium and Tumblr to express their thoughts without owning a website.

Why social media advertising is important?

Every business should leverage social media advertising in some way. And the best social media marketing agencies benefit your business from the ideal social media marketing strategies.

Here are a few reasons why you must use social media advertising.

Social media advertising allows you to hyper-target ideal clients.
It enables you to make the ads visible to the right audience. Social media marketing companies target users based on exact demographics - age, gender, interests, behaviors, or locations to avoid extra ad spending.

It helps with building audiences.
Social media advertising allows you to record user data. Using this data, you can create a social audience and a landing page audience to create consistent success in marketing. For instance, you can track the users clicking on your ad, or visiting the landing page, and retarget them with attractive promotional offers.

Track ROI.
Facebook Ads manager directly shows you the return on ad spend. You can directly track your return without having many efforts. This is quite huge for brands because it saves time and business resources. Brands can track each ad performance and find out what works for them.

Drives traffic.
Digital and social media marketing companies like TripleDart focus on driving more traffic to your website. And social media advertising makes it possible. Since social media channels have millions of users, the brand gets a wider reach. Further, the right strategies and content drive traffic to the website.

Builds brand recognition.
Posting the right content on social media allows brands to reach the right audience. Moreover, brands can find interest groups and online communities to help them with content and marketing ideas. Thus, the more you post on social media, the more you are visible to the audience. Thus, it results in increased brand awareness. At TripleDart, we try to provide the best social media marketing management services. We focus on creating a strong foundation for social media advertising. Our data-driven approach enables us to understand the right ad content and positioning. Thus, we can make brands reach the right audience at the right time, minimizing the ad spend waste.

Functions of social media

Social media marketing allows marketers to connect with potential buyers and engage them. As brands get access to a wider set of audiences, the rate of lead generation and conversions increase eventually.

Take a look at the five main functions of social media;

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Shaping brand identity

Social media platforms provide the opportunity to build a brand’s identity. Whatever you post on your social media channels reflects the brand principles and values.

Further, the reactions and responses from the audience help you shape your identity better. It provides cues on the type of social media content that works the most and increases awareness.

Thus, brands can shape and create their posts based on audience engagement and responses.

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Stay connected

Social media channels not only connect you to the target audience but also other like-minded people. You connect with them via hashtags, mentions, challenges, post sharing, etc.

In short, you can network and be a part of an online community that has users with similar interests as yours. Thus, you can share your ideas in online groups, participate in their discussions, or respond to maintain socialization.

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Sharing opportunity

Social media channels enable sharing for all users. It is the content hub where users share their knowledge, experiences, practices, entertainment, infotainment, and more with their networks.

Social media enables users to receive and distribute content faster than ever.

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Social media increases brand awareness. Promoting content on social media works for both B2B and B2C brands.

Social media is a tool to increase brand awareness and recognition, build trust and increase customer loyalty. It provides a way to create a connection with the audience through which they can know their brands better.

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Build new contacts

Social media platforms provide the opportunity to connect with other users. You can network with other users and connect with like-minded groups and communities or interest groups. These social media communities often support and encourage to improve and grow better.

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform. The site has a massive user base. It indicates that roughly 36.9% of the world’s population are Facebook users.

As of 2022, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are on the list of India's fastest-growing social media platforms. Considering the social media platforms around the world, TikTok is the fastest growing as short-form videos are trending as a part of social media strategy.

Five benefits of social media include; a) Increase in brand awareness through wider reach b) Generate higher website traffic c) Boost brand recognition d) Higher lead generation and conversion rates e) Build customer relationships

Social media marketing companies use different ways to promote a product. Depending on your product, you can conduct a giveaway, run a social media contest, use a special introductory offer like discounts or coupon codes, write blog posts, and even offer a complimentary service.

A social media marketing agency helps you access the latest tech tools that boost your business growth with appropriate social media strategies, analytics and reporting. You get expert advice, and a team of professionals to look after your social media management. Therefore, it also saves a lot of time and effort.

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