Signup-to-PQL Rate

What is Signup-to-PQL Rate?

The Signup-to-Product Qualified Lead (PQL) Rate is a key performance indicator that measures the effectiveness of a company's ability to convert new signups (such as free trial users or freemium users) into Product Qualified Leads (PQLs). 

A higher Signup-to-PQL Rate indicates that a company is more effective at engaging its signups and moving them toward becoming paying customers and vice versa.

FYI, PQLs are users who demonstrate high engagement and have reached specific milestones within the product, indicating they are more likely to become paying customers.

Why is Signup-to-PQL Rate Important in SaaS?

Monitoring and optimizing the Signup-to-PQL Rate can help SaaS businesses identify problem areas and adjust their user engagement strategies. Hence, the metric can help companies to improve and increase the likelihood of converting signups into paying customers.

User Engagement: The Signup-to-PQL Rate helps SaaS companies measure user engagement within their product. A higher rate indicates that a larger proportion of users are actively using and exploring the product, thus, signaling strong user engagement.

Sales Prioritization: PQLs are users showing a high level of engagement within the product, indicating that they are highly likely to become paying customers. Tracking the Signup-to-PQL Rate helps sales teams prioritize their efforts on the most promising leads, improving the overall efficiency of the sales process.

Onboarding Optimization: The Signup-to-PQL Rate can provide insights into the effectiveness of a company's onboarding process. A low rate may indicate the need for better onboarding, clearer in-app guidance, or more targeted user education to help users realize the product's value more quickly.

How to Calculate Signup-to-PQL Rate?

You can calculate this metric by dividing the number of users who become PQLs by the total number of signups during a specific time period. Here’s the Signup-to-PQL Rate formula.

Signup-to-PQL Rate = (Number of PQLs / Total Number of Signups) * 100

For example, if a company had 1,000 signups for a free trial and 200 of those users reached the PQL status, the Signup-to-PQL Rate would be:

(200 / 1,000) * 100 = 20%