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Social Media Marketing in the B2B Space

As a proficient B2B social media agency, we create strategies based on customized research for your brand. We ensure aligning the social media strategies with your overall marketing goals. We help you convert your social media profiles into a consistent lead generation machine. 

Social media channels are ideal for telling your brand’s story, building an online community of engaged social media followers, and generating qualified leads. Do it right, to drive your ROI to the next level.

With our B2B social media services, we can help your brand connect with the right audiences in a meaningful way and build trust. We curate engaging, informative, and creative content to:

1. Increase brand awareness and recognition
2. Build a community, and relationships with potential customers
3. Foster trust and strengthen brand reputation
4. Instill brand preference in your potential buyers
5. Increase subscribers and followers
6. Maintain a human touch in your content with customer success stories and behind the scene stories.

TripleDart, a B2B PPC agency, lets you get access to a team of dedicated professionals who collaborate to craft the best social media marketing strategies for your brand.

Leveraging Your Social Media Channels

As a B2B social media marketing agency, TripleDart ensures looking into your existing social media strategies. It helps to understand the business, the industry, your target market, and the best social media platforms for you.

We also look into the strategies of your competitors, including their content type, focus, followers, engagement, and more.

Here are the top social media channels we focus on.


LinkedIn is the ideal platform for B2B social media marketing. As of 2022, the platform has reached around 828.1 million users. The platform is the best for our client’s promoted and organic content, company news, customer testimonials, and posts from thought leaders.


Short content that can help you strike conversations and articles from thought leaders are the main focus for enhancing your B2B marketing efforts on Twitter.


Instagram is a powerful visual platform with options like reels, stories, video posts, etc. Use the platform to amplify your marketing efforts. Cross-post content from Facebook to Instagram for wider reach.


When it comes to B2B marketing on Facebook, we focus on building connections with the audience through a focus on company culture. Company news, behind the scenes, team introduction, events, and other highlights of the company culture are best for Facebook optimization.


An effective platform for video content, YouTube is perfect for sharing B2B tutorials, educational videos, video case studies, and testimonials.

As a social media marketing agency, TripleDart researches which social media channels are the most used by your target audience. Once we get the necessary information, we know where to direct the marketing efforts.

Take your B2B marketing to the next level with Social Media

At TripleDart, we offer B2B social media marketing services that can help you ace the marketing game. Our services ensure transforming your marketing efforts into engagement tools.

1. Social media advertising
2. Social media content creation
3. Community management
4. Hashtag research and strategy development
5. Development and optimisation of business profiles
6. Executive leader profile development and optimisation
7. Recommendations on current strategies
8. Custom reports, scorecards, and social media playbook
9. Localized targeting

Differences in B2C vs. B2B Social Media Marketing

B2B social media marketing differs from B2C in 5 distinct ways.

1. Objectives

Social media marketing for B2B companies focuses on;

a) Lead generation,
b) Building brands,
c) Partnership growth, and
d) Gathering competitive insights

Whereas, the objectives of B2C social media marketing are;

a) Driving traffic.
b) Increasing brand awareness, and
c) Boosting sales

2. Strategies and Brand message
B2B social media marketing strategies are focused on addressing customer needs or pain points. They position the brand as a thought leader in the B2B space. The brand messaging is generally logic-driven and the companies seek to solve business issues while saving resources and time.

B2C marketers focus their strategies on driving traffic and sales. They seek to engage the audience through virility. The B2C brand messages are generally simple, easy to understand, and loaded with visual content.

3. Channels
A B2B social media marketing plan involves strategies and content mainly for LinkedIn. However, a few companies may also rely on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The B2C companies mostly use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter the market their brand.

4. Social media content
Social media marketing for B2B companies involves creating the appropriate B2B content;

a) Informative, relevant, and valuable content that benefits businesses and keeps them up-to-date with current industry trends
b) More text and idea-oriented content – case studies, blogs, reviews, infographics

Whereas, B2C brands create social media content focusing on;

a) Visual content (top priority)
b) Use of strong and casual tone for the content that emphasises humor

5. Metrics
Though B2B companies take interest in generating leads, they generally measure the content effectiveness by tracking referral traffic. This does not relate to lead generation.

However, B2C companies prioritize tracking engagement metrics like reactions, likes, comments, shares, retweets, and the number of followers.

Tips to Create Great B2B Social Media Marketing Content

Social media marketing for B2B companies may not be too casual. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be exciting and engaging.

Regardless of industry, the audience loves engaging content. People look forward to interesting social media posts with a touch of humor and creativity.

To create engaging B2B social media marketing content, follow these tactics;

Define a brand personality. Get a social media personality for your brand. Nothing fancy or over-the-top. Keep it simple with a conversational tone.

Engage with the audience. Though the goal is to boost business growth, promoting your brand all the time may go wrong. So, get into real-life conversations with the audience. Talk about their likes, dislikes, needs, and challenges. It helps to know your audience better and build trustworthy relationships.

Keep the human touch alive. Remember that businesses are run by humans. The B2B content you create is consumed by people, rather than businesses. So, keep the tone conversational and add a little humor to your content. Everyone appreciates light-hearted conversations. However, keep it appropriate and don’t go overboard.

Get creative. The way you craft content should be anything but dull. While most B2B companies use standard content types – blogs, infographics, white papers, eBooks – the way you write must be engaging. Look from the reader’s perspective to find out if the content is engaging (or not) and if it provides value.

Pillars of Effective Social Media Marketing

You must join hands with a B2B social media marketing agency that can plan your social media strategy surrounding the three pillars of effective social media marketing.

Experience & Performance


Engaging content is the heart of any social media marketing strategy. So, make sure your B2B social media agency creates informative, relevant, and interesting content.

Tracking Conversions


Ensure that your content not only talks about the brand but also engages the audience and sparks conversations. At TripleDart, we craft content that helps in building a social media community through comments, reactions, and shares.

Keyword Knowledge


Consider social media advertising to reach a wider audience. Amplify your marketing efforts by strategically placing paid ads, boosted posts, and sponsored ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

To choose a B2B social media marketing agency consider your goals and budget. Further, ensure that the agency has; 1. A team of dedicated experts and the latest tech tools 2. They are up-to-date with industry trends 3. Efficient communication, work collaboration, and transparency

Social media agencies offer channel-specific services, content strategy, creation, and publishing, research, and analysis, planning a social media marketing strategy, branding, campaign, and community management. In a nutshell, social media agencies ensure the overall management of social media content and campaigns.

Hiring a social media agency can help you get better content ideas and strategies. Social media agencies can help you build a strong brand image, and boost traffic, customer engagement, and relationships. Also, social media agencies can work out the best strategies for your brand, helping you to avoid pitfalls that cost a lot of your resources.

Social media marketing agencies provide great ideas and proper plans for social media marketing. They can assess your marketing efforts and make improvements to get the best outcomes possible. Further, these agencies also track your progress to improvise strategies if required.

Benefits of Paid Search

Count on Google Ads for your PPC campaigns because it has several benefits. Have a look.


Widespread reach
  • Google’s massive reach is exemplary indeed!
  • Need a solution to your headache? Or information about the latest gadget? All you need to do is ‘Google it’.
  • The search engine handles over 2 trillion searches per year. That means it’s over 5 billion searches a day.

Control over Campaigns

Control over Campaigns
  • Running ad campaigns used to take time and resources. But Google Ads makes it easy.
  • With some training, your employees will be able to start and stop campaigns, reach the right people, and much more.

Easy to understand format

Easy to understand format
  • Google’s massive reach is exemplary indeed!
  • Need a solution to your headache? Or information about the latest gadget? All you need to do is ‘Google it’.
  • The search engine handles over 2 trillion searches per year. That means it’s over 5 billion searches a day.

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