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We are an outcome-driven B2B SaaS PPC advertising company with a laser focus on building pipeline and ARR. We help you manage, monitor, and scale your Ads to get the best results for your spending.

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PPC partner for leading SaaS companies

How TripleDart’s PPC strategies get you on a hyper growth trajectory

Tailored PPC Strategies for SaaS

Target the right people at the right time with custom messaging to boost conversions.

Boost ROI

Get 3x revenue for every dollar spent on ads with objective-based PPC campaigns.

Work with an experienced team

Rely on peers with years of SaaS PPC company experience under their belt to improve your ROI.

Why work with TripleDart?

PPC is like football, and we’re Real Madrid.
Divided attention between PPC and other marketing channels
High cost of payroll coupled with time taken for employees to scale their work
New, untested team who might not have deep industry relationships
Relatively limited perspective since it’s just limited to you and your employee’s previous employers
Singular focus on generating high quality leads for your SaaS
No payroll related costs and minimal time needed to scale campaigns
Up-to-date, high-performing team with pre-existing relationship with AD platforms
Broader perspective thanks to exposure to multiple customers and industries
SQL's Generated
Paid Media Clients
Monthly Budget
Inhouse Experts

Our Winning Process


Audit existing account to understand the gaps and opportunities from current set of campaigns

Finding newer opportunities

This is based on understanding competitor landscape, keyword gap analysis, and which, identifying new keywords/themes/audience to scale beyond the existing campaigns

Asset research

We come up with adcopies/creatives and LPs to get pre qualified leads

Throw any PPC target at us, and we’ll go beyond it

Pipeline generation
Lower customer acquisition cost
Multi-channel paid strategy
Paid Social

Hear it from our clients!

Great partners for SaaS growth

The TDD team feel like an extension of our own business, they are aligned with our goals, and I feel their success is our success. In an agency, you can't ask for much more!

In our  working relationship, two things stood out about TripleDart:
1. Deep commitment to understanding the product-market fit
2. Their ability to forecast spending and results effectively

Tom Price-Daniel
Chief Revenue Officer

We'd Love to Work with You!

Join 100+ successful B2B SaaS companies on the path to achieving T2D3 with our SaaS marketing services.

Access to cutting-edge technology & tools


When is the right time to hire a PPC agency for your SaaS?

If you feel that your SaaS needs a push in terms of pipeline generation, and you:

1. Understand that hiring in-house will include high costs in terms of looking for the right people, time to-scaling performance, and employee operational costs.
2. But still want to onboard the best folks to get results.
3. Are prepared to invest a minimum of $8,000 each month.
4. And want a one-stop solution to get all your marketing needs fulfilled.

If you resonated with the points above, we feel you should start shopping around for SaaS PPC advertising firms or to get in contact with us to see if we can help😊

Advantages of hiring a SaaS PPC Agency (Why Your Business Needs a SaaS PPC Agency)

Running PPC campaigns is time-consuming and complicated. Working with an agency gets you access to PPC experts with years of experience who can scale your ad campaigns quickly so you can be sure that your ads reach the right people who buy your products.

How a SaaS PPC Agency can help optimize your campaigns

PPC advertising can cover a huge amount of traffic, but if you're new to it, it is easy to burn a lot of money and get very little returns. That's where the SaaS PPC Agency's experts step in. They help optimize the keywords and targeting your campaigns run for, help manage budgets, and share detailed reports -- ensuring your CPLs drop and you get more business.

Best Practices for Working with a SaaS PPC Agency

As the cost to acquire new customers has shot up in the last few years, SaaS PPC advertising agencies have become an important partner to many businesses, providing expert support to ideate and create successful campaigns.

Here are some things to keep in mind:
1. Establish clear expectations in terms of campaign objectives, business goals, creative direction, budget, and timeline.
2. Make sure all parties agree to deadlines and deliverables before starting a project.
3. Set up regular meetings or check-ins for updates and feedback opportunities.
4. Listen to the agency's recommendations and feedback.
5. Be honest about what you can do, what you cannot do, and any potential changes that may arise throughout the project.